Are you ready to step toward joy? 

We just need to square up a few details before we begin. 

First things first. The only thing I'm licensed to do is drive a car. I am not a part of the medical community and I don't pretend to be so.  By offering you a Heart Flow I am not claiming that anything may or may not happen to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. If you are currently under the care of a doctor, please maintain that relationship and all that it entails. Please do not alter any treatment programs without consulting your doctor first.

Let's talk about the process. 

I am going to ask you to fill out a form at the end of this page so that I can target the sessions to meet your specific needs. Here are the details: 

  • You will receive targeted distance sessions for a period of three weeks. You will receive two sessions per week, more if necessary. The only way that I will know whether or not you need more sessions is if you keep me in your loop. 
  • I will create a secret page on Facebook for just the two of us so that you can check in with me and I can check in with you to monitor how you're feeling and work through your sessions with you, if need be (unless we've agreed to another platform where we will converse). Energy healing is a team sport and by that I mean that it's essential for you to participate in the healing process. During a Heart Flow session I clear your energy and send light and then provide you with any guidance that flows through (part of which will include suggesting gentle movement, foods, colors and ways for you to support your body during the healing process). If you're not willing to participate in your own process, please don't proceed. It won't work. I will happily refund your money before we begin.  
  • At the end of three weeks I will ask you to complete a feedback form to help me understand what did or did not work during our time together. If you feel compelled, you'll be able to share a testimonial for me to use on my website. If you don't feel compelled, I will still love you. 
  • After the feedback is complete, I will remove myself from your secret Facebook page. You can keep the page or you can release it. That's up to you. 

Ready to start? 

Please fill out this questionnaire so I can target your session to meet your needs. 

Name *
I acknowledge that this Reiki intensive session is not medically-based, that you are not offering medical treatment or advice. I am participating with you to see the effects of energy healing and I am releasing you from all liability and assuming all risks of participating in this process. *
Date *
On a scale from 1-10 with 1 being mild and 10 being extreme, please rate your pain right now.

Thank you, gorgeous!

As soon as I review your form I will create your secret Facebook space and we will get started.