Part of remembering that you're divine is remembering why you're human: to feel love, know trust and embrace faith.

Where will that lead? First, it will lead you to embody the magical, mystical woo that's embedded in your DNA and, then it will lead you to freely, comfortably and courageously share it with the world as only YOU can do.

This is the way that nature works, even though it may seem difficult, if not downright impossible sometimes, to believe. You are designed to thrive in your own way and your own space and your own time. This means everything you need is tucked inside you. I know that you know this deep, deep down, in your bones. I'm here to gently nudge you to set yourself free and shine like the freaking sun.


Courses designed to deepen intuition

Explore Yourself

with courses designed to help you uncover and deepen your intuitive intelligence  (aka: woo). If you believe you can, then you will.

Usui Reiki Healing

Help Yourself

to in-person or distance Reiki/shamanic sessions to clear, re-balance and strengthen your energy or medium sessions to connect with all the spirits in your life.

Fun workshops

Enjoy Yourself

at small, casual workshops designed to help you visualize, ground, heal or simply relax in the company of like-minded (and really lovely) humans.