Time and time again I am shown that love never dies.

Spirit readings are a wonderful way for you to discover this, too. Your connection to spirit is steadfast and strong. And why wouldn't it be? The Universe is a massive web of energy tied together by love. 

You are surrounded by spirits who are eager to lift yours to new heights. Some are guides who support your every step, others are family and friends who may have left the earth, but not your side. 

I am a bridge between worlds, a channel, who sees, senses and hears spirit. 

The messages they want to share with you arrive to me in a number of ways that I share with you in what feels like a very loving conversation. I'm able to channel these conversations with you in-person, over the phone or through Zoom. Spirit transcends all boundaries. Isn't that delightful? 

Spirit sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes. I don't limit them with an annoying buzzer. Phone/Zoom sessions are recorded because so much transpires that it's often difficult to remember everything. I encourage you to record your session if we meet in person. 

The only thing you're required to do is bring an open mind. Easy-peasy, right? 

Type of Session:
gimme a lift
I’ve found my joy again.

Tracey, when I scheduled my spirit session with you, I tried hard to remove any expectations I had for the results, and went into our time together open to any and all possibilities. While I’ve always wanted to believe that only our physical body dies and our soul moves to another state of being, doubt was ever-present, especially after losing my brother Blake to a tragic car accident in 1991. He wasn’t just my brother; he was my best friend, my confidante, my muse. His death shook me to the core and sucked the joy right out of it. Despite the many (MANY) signs I received after Blake died, my heart was weighed down with so much grief and sadness that I had unknowingly split my life into a distinct two-part timeline: before and after his death.

When my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2007, I immediately ran for cover. Unable to bear the thought of losing of her, I worked hard at not accepting the inevitable. When Mom passed the six-month survival mark and made it one, two and three more years, I felt my avoidance was justified. But when the cancer spread to her bones in year four, things fell apart quickly, and I knew Mom needed me to get a grip and open my heart. It was then that I witnessed undeniable proof of God’s love, the angels’ protection and guidance, and what-comes-next. The last few months of Mom’s life, while filled with great physical and emotional pain, were also a time of soul-level healing and unconditional love.

I expected to receive signs after my Mom died in November 2011, just as I had when my brother died. When that didn’t happen, my fundamental belief that we are all connected on a soul level was shaken, and my grief was amplified. I found myself feeling cheated - by God, the angels, the Universe. I was angry - at the loss, my loss, at the reality that Mom and Blake were missing out on living life with us. I felt guilty and ashamed - for what I didn’t do and say while they were here. For not living up to what I thought were their expectations of me. For things I’d done and decisions I’d made that I was certain they now knew about. And I wondered and worried about everything - where were Mom and Blake really? Were they okay? Were they still in pain? Were they together or were they alone and scared? Was Mom upset that Dad asked his new love to marry him?

Within just a few minutes of starting our spirit session, I was filled with a profound sense of peace and reassurance. Blake’s playful antics and the messages you shared with me from him and my Mom confirmed for me that they are both okay, we are all most definitely connected, I can stop worrying about them, they’re not disappointed in me, they want us all to be happy, that they are always with us, and that everything - everything - is all about love. Nothing but love.

Since our spirit session I don’t feel alone anymore, and that suffocating feeling of loss is lifting away. I know my Mom is loving me in a way she was unable to while she was here physically. Blake let me know that he is still the same fun-loving, playful soul who loves to hear me laugh. Most importantly, I’m rediscovering the real me - the one whose life was filled with laughter and joy and music. Thank you for restoring my belief that death is simply a transition, not an ending.
— Dana Reeves