Today's Promise Cards


Today's Promise Cards

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This deck contains 52 soulful intentions and one little birdie who'll hold your promise in her beak so that it remains front and center for the day, week or month, reminding you of just how important you are to you. 

Shuffle and pull a card as often as you wish. Allow the message to sink in. You can use each card to: 

  • set a simple, positive intention for the day

  • use as a meditation or journaling prompt

  • embrace a gentle suggestion from the Universe as to how to handle something that's been on your mind

  • create room for more promise to flow through you

You are a body of promise with the potential to live, laugh and love your way through this life in all the ways you see fit. 

Centering your heart and mind on today's promise helps you focus with clarity and ease. Soon enough you'll witness the power of keeping promises with yourself. 

This is where intention meets possibility.

There are two options for purchasing: full deck in pouch with birdie as pictured and card deck only. You choose.

Send Me Some Promise

Itty-bitty specifics 

  • Cards are 2.75''× 4.75''
  • Bird is 7/8"
  • Orange jute bag is 5"x 7"
  • When you purchase as "deck only" the bird and bad is not included (it's still great for gifting)