Custom Palo Santo Healing Bracelet


Custom Palo Santo Healing Bracelet

from 33.00

You’ve looked through every bracelet, but you still can’t find one that’s right for you? I totally get it. I’m happy to make a custom palo santo healing bracelet for you.

Select the type of bracelet you would like (single, double, triple) and when prompted at checkout tell me what you feel you need to heal right now. I’ll recommend the proper crystal combination to soothe your body mind soul right now.

You’ll have the chance to review the stones I suggest prior to me making your bracelet.

Number Of Strands:
She's Mine

All strands are approximately 7.5"- 7.34" wide. If you need your custom order smaller or larger,  please let me know.

Custom Orders are not able to be returned. 

She arrives in an orange jute bag...lovely for gifting yourself or a lucky soul sister. 

If you need her to be larger or smaller, get in touch.