Spirit Session :: when you want to connect with your guides


Spirit Session :: when you want to connect with your guides


You are here: wondering what's next; trying to make sense of intuitive nudges and hunches; discovering new things about your energy and the way you perceive the world; longing for something else; hoping to break patterns or maybe just curious about manifesting change in your life. 

I am a channel of love and healing. I connect with your Spirit Guides to shine a light on the seeds of energetic disruption and help you shift from impossible to possible by embracing your second nature. The way you move through this world with ease and grace.

Spirit sessions are potent and powerful conversations that get to the heart of your matter very quickly. The end result delivers deep healing and clarity. All you need to do is show up and be ready to receive the assistance of your high-vibe allies. 

Spirit sessions usually last  60 minutes. I don't limit them with an annoying buzzer. These sessions are available by phone only. You will receive a recording of our call because so much transpires within our session you may need to listen to it again in the future.

The only thing you're required to do is bring an open mind. Easy-peasy, right? 

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Your spirit team loves you:

Tracey is truly a gift. What is most amazing is her ability to help others work through their issues, so they can realize their true gifts. Prior to working with Tracey, I had worked with a psychologist to learn how to cope with the emotional issues spanning my career, marriage and family. I made great progress and thought I was as clear and content as I could ever hope to be. But there is a world of difference between coping / managing emotional challenges vs. actually working-through and healing them. The difference is profound, liberating, and empowering. Tracey’s guidance and self-evaluation strategies helped me shed my emotional defenses so that I can see the issues for myself, and ultimately heal the pain points once and for all. How do you put a price on that?
— Ann
I so enjoyed the conversation with you today, the ideas and sharing and the inspiring ideas. I feel like we covered a lot of ground — more than I expected! And I appreciated the honest, open, affirming and clear space you held for me today. I felt like some pieces came into place that I had been struggling with for a while — and I’m surprised at how easy it felt, thanks to your listening, wisdom and attuned ideas.
— Shannon Jackson Arnold
Tracey showed me how important it is to live in today. She helped me work through some inner fears to get to a much better place personally, as well as spiritually. She was so incredibly comforting during a difficult time in my life when I was seeking answers I couldn’t find on my own. I’m super grateful to her, and look forward to every insightful experience!
— Laura Mattes