Reiki :: when you want to feel better


Reiki :: when you want to feel better

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Uncertain. Disconnected. Upset. Drained. Ill. In pain. Tired. Blocked. Stuck. Really stuck. These are just a few of the reasons why you might schedule a Reiki session, and just a few of the things that a session can remedy. 

I share my gift as a medium and certified Master Usui Reiki Practitioner and Soul Lodge Earth Medicine School shaman practitioner to deliver a clearing, healing, guidance-filled experience that channels energy to you to activate your own natural healing process. 

Reiki energy carries a wisdom and power all its own, going where it's needed most to help you heal areas of dis-ease in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.  Blocks clear, balance is restored and peace washes over you. 


Tracey's sessions send healing love right to where you need it most. Then, healing happens: for real. Tracey helped me to release low back pain that had been lingering for at least six months. Now, it's simply gone. And I feel free.                                                                                                                   -Lori Claerhout


I hold safe space for you to welcome this flow of light into your whole being whether you are with me in person or miles and miles away. I share the guidance I receive during your session to help you do the work that's needed to restore your body, mind and spirit. The end result is often deeply healing. 

Please take a moment to share what's on your mind when prompted at checkout, but only if you want to do so. You really don't need to share any information in order to benefit from Reiki. 

Let It Flow

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The question is: are you ready for joy?

  • Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain somewhere in your body? Feet? Joints? Tummy? Head? Shoulders? Back?

  • Do you feel unbalanced or off in a way that's difficult to explain?

  • Are you stuck? Stuck sucks. 

  • Does depression creep in and out of your life like an unwelcome houseguest? 

  • Do you suffer from insomnia? It's difficult to function without sleep. 

  • Are you anxious, unnerved or jittery throughout the day? 

  • Do you feel disconnected from yourself and the source of power within you? You can never not be connected (that's a mind-trick). 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are ready for joy!

This is NOT for you if...

  • You don't believe in the power of energy healing.

  • You're not open or willing to change.

  • You are hoping that I own a magic wand that will miraculously make you feel like a million bucks.

  • You are not willing to be responsible for your own healing process.

Okay, so how can I enjoy Reiki?

In person, one hour :: $90

A full session clears and balances your energy centers and targets any specific areas seeking relief. I tend to work with you while streaming to help you understand and release the root of any blockages that are ready to dissolve so that you may enjoy a fully balanced field of energy. At the end I offer tips and tricks to continue to enhance your field of energy in the coming weeks as the Reiki continues to enhance your daily life. 

In person, thirty minutes :: $60

If you are suffering from a known disease,  ache or pain, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, a quick spot session targets only the area of your discomfort with the sole intention of relieving the block that is causing your present state of un-ease. Sessions normally do not exceed thirty minutes, although there are exceptions sometimes. 

Distance :: $60

Energy defies space and time so distance Reiki sessions are extremely effective and comforting. I clear your energy before balancing your chakras and streaming energy to you. When your session is complete I email you with a full report of the clearing feedback and guidance I received during your clearing and flow session, as well as provide support to witness and assist with your processing. 

Are you wondering...

What the heck is Reiki? 

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is an ancient healing practice founded by Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki means Universal life force energy. The practice of Reiki is a spiritual practice that channels life force energy from the Universal energy field into your energy field. This energy is channeled through the chakras in the palms of the hands. A Reiki practitioner will lay their hands in, on or around your energy field during a live session or thoughtfully direct this energy to your field through meditation during a distance session. 

Seriously, how can that work? 

You are sustained by life force energy. It runs through your physical body, from your feet to your head, as well as your aura, the energetic field that surrounds your body. Your physical body is nourished by this life force energy. It is also nourished by the energy you source through nature—whole foods, pure water, bright sunlight, tranquil moons, gentle breezes, moist earth.

You can not be separated from this energy. That's because everything is energy (sorry if that flashes you back to physics 101, but stick with me) and energy can not be created or destroyed. Our ancestors knew this and were able to tap into their own power to intuitively heal themselves from states of dis-ease and dis-comfort, moments, incidents, thoughts and beliefs that disrupted their well-being and negatively impacted them in some way—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. They turned to nature. We turn to so many other things, some that are not helpful, some that are. 

When you turn to Reiki you actively invite this pure Universal life force energy into your system. Doing so disrupts the state of dis-ease or dis-comfort by clearing the natural pathways where your life energy flows. It's like pressure-washing your pipes, so to speak, so that your energy can be restored and flow easily ( don't feel pressure, you feel just the opposite—pure ease). And when the flow is restored, you are able to be nourished and thrive on all levels.

Is Reiki associated with a religion? 

No. Reiki is a spiritual practice, but it is not tied to any religion. 

Who or what can benefit from Reiki? 

Pretty much anyone or anything can benefit from Reiki—you, your pets, your plants, your home, your food, your water, you name it. Reiki infuses everything with higher energy (i.e. love) so as it is shared, all benefit from the higher vibes that are transferred during a treatment. 

Is there anyone who should not receive Reiki? 

People living with pacemakers should not receive Reiki. The flow of energy may alter the device. In addition, people with diabetes need monitor their levels closely after a treatment and adjust their medication as needed. 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

The minute you agree to receive Reiki you open your heart to the possibility of this wonderful flow of light. If you'd like to enhance your session, refrain from any alcohol and substance use (stay on any medication you need, though) 24 hours before your session, drink plenty of water and eat healthy food.

Is there anything I need to do after my session? 

There are a few things you can do to help yourself even more: 

  • drink plenty of water

  • take a warm epsom salt bath after your session to help your cells release any residual toxins and then follow the bath with a warm shower to cleanse the toxins from your skin

  • honor your hunger by eating healthy, whole foods, especially root vegetables (they will help you feel grounded and satisfied)

  • don't get tangled in any thoughts or emotions or memories that may surface, simply notice what appears and let go of it for good; as new energy flows through you, painful memories and experiences may rise up to be released

  • enjoy the flow of love, it's your natural state of being

Reiki is love, pure and simple

My sessions with Tracey have been an incredible experience. I made the decision to follow her recommendations completely and give myself over to the experience – it was the best decision. I did everything, regardless of how small or how big the task, she recommended and it was amazing how much the full process impacted my day, my attitude, my emotional well-being. I will continue on with what I have learned and I am excited that I am developing new emotionally healthy habits. I thought I had simply sought her assistance and guidance for my emotional well-being, but I found so much more.
— Cynthia
I really enjoyed my sessions with Tracey. She made me feel completely at ease and her gentle, clear guidance helped me through a particularly difficult time. Her intuition was spot-on and I felt 100% supported the entire time.
— Lisa Wood
I came to my session with deep-seated, recurring pain in my mid-back in a region I’ve had surgeries and on again off again issues. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am willing to try anything.

Within a week, the pain had dissipated and I felt a major shift in that part of my body. On the heels of all that energy shifting physically, some major emotional and energetic pieces that I needed to address were addressed and released with love.

I came for physical healing and what I got was so much more. Tracey’s practical invitations, her insightful and timely guidance and her soothing energy flows were the perfect combination to help me arrive at a new place with my body and, dare I say my life. I highly recommend her work as an effective elixir to treat what ails you.
— Nona Jordan, Master Coach
Tracey has a way of being with you and the pain you’re facing while being many many miles away. I’m delighted to say that after my work with her the very intense pain I was experiencing in my neck is now gone, for this I am ever so thankful.

She called me out on some things I need to be attentive to in a comforting and confident way which is exactly what I needed to hear.
— Erin Giles, Entrepreneurial Coach
Tracey is the real deal. I have experienced pain in my feet nearly constantly for 10+ years. Working with Tracey has, for the first time in what feels like forever, allowed me to walk without pain.
— Deanna Mullican
Tracey’s sessions send healing love right to where you need it most.

Then, healing happens: for real.

Tracey helped me to release low back pain that had been lingering for at least six months. Now, it’s simply gone. And I feel free.
— Lori Claerhout
The targeted flow that Tracey offers is nothing short of beautiful.

When we started the process, the pain and discomfort I was feeling left me blocked in so many ways. Tracey’s intuitive questions and guidance helped move me away from the “I feel this pain” mindset, and instead grounded me in the here-and-now healing and relief that the Heart Flow provided.

She helped me rediscover a deep connection with my inner life flow, and to the power I hold within myself to heal and improve my quality of living.

One of the components I enjoyed most was the food recommendations, based on colors that were connected to the target areas we were focusing on. Tracey’s suggestions gave me a real, tangible way to contribute to my healing with foods that nourished, rather than foods that would normally be consumed as a response to stress. I highly recommend Tracey’s program for anyone who prefers a holistic, active, whole-body-mind-and-soul method of healing pain.
— Dana Reeves
Tracey’s ability to listen allows me to hear what I need to hear. Her guidance is gentle and kind, with enough gusto to ignite the shift into my own self-awareness.
— Jill Price
My session gave me peace and hope. I am in awe that energy that can be used to resolve most issues. I was able to see this through Tracey’s intuitive guidance and genuine love.
— Jill Hoyt
Although very open to the idea, I wasn’t anticipating the changes I would feel after this work. I’d been having traditional and alternative treatments for neck and shoulder pain over the last 18 months.

The difference here, I believe, was participating in the healing process during times when I wasn’t planning on it. This seemed to have disturbed my normal emotional and muscle memory and “re-wire” it for a healing path.

I feel like it addressed the root cause, and I’m feeling progressive, daily improvements in my symptoms.
— Sheila Shuster
After a session with Tracey, I was opened to love. Within a day, my relationship with my husband improved and my overall winter crankiness went away. I’ve also had the most beautiful dreams and feel lighter and happier.
Tracey brought me a sense of calm and peace. I felt like I was floating outside of time. Amazing and blissful.
Tracey’s guidance is so beautifully uninhibited. There is no push or pull to her guidance, it is pure assistance to a genuine connection.
Have to say “YOU ARE AWESOME!” Every molecule in my body vibrated and I felt warm, and like I was floating. I could make out hazy white forms around me but I couldn’t communicate with them. Awoke a couple of hours later feeling really great considering all that had been done. Hospital turned me loose early today. I can’t thank you enough.
My distance session from Tracey was simply beautiful. The energy helped me through a very stressful situation, I felt calm, peaceful, and a deep sense of love. The amount of love I felt coursing through me, I can’t even put into words! I felt as though I was wrapped in a blanket of love for days on end! The feelings of peace and calm was simply divine! Tracey has a gift which must be shared with the world!
My distance session with Tracey was a wonderful experience. The heaviness in my chest disappeared shortly after the session and I felt lighter. Tracey has so many intuitive gifts and I’m happy that she has added this to her practice.
Tracey brings her intuitive skills and healing love in a very of-this-world, gentle way. She meets you where you are, and helps you along your path, lovingly and powerfully.
Tracey’s peaceful demeanor immediately put me at ease when I arrived for my first Heart Flow session with her. I left feeling calm and energized. I look forward to returning for future sessions.
I found Tracey to be a very sweet, gentle person. She made me feel comfortable instantly. I was totally at ease and the session was very relaxing. I would definitely go back for another session with her and have recommended her to my friends.
I left my session with Tracey feeling energized and focused. I’ve had questions and doubts on things my intuition was telling me to do and it has really made my soul struggle for some time. I left with peace. I left with knowing my intuition is stronger than I give it credit for to guide me to the paths I need to follow. Tracey gives this beautiful insight of healing words and thoughts that helps to energize you and reconnect you to yourself.
A reiki session is like walking on clouds, butterflies of excitement in my belly, my heart busted wide open and this grin on my face that has lasted 4 days... PRICELESS! Thank you for gently nudging me into the vortex of L.OV.E., everything is so clear from where I’m standing. Blessed.