You are:

smart, funny, brilliant

spirited, radical, carefree, 

deep, knowing, kind and pure. Sometimes stubborn. Often, right

That's what I see when I look through my lens: your light, your love, your power.

That glimmer of girl-power that's been covered up a wee bit too long.


I pair my love of photography with your lightness and being to reflect your light back to you through photography. No two sessions are alike. How could they be? But the outcome is always the same: deeply sacred, healing and fulfilling. 

Lightness & Being

You + me + my trusty Nikon. Music. Laughter. Ease. My place or yours*. For as long as it takes to capture your spirit. A few hours. A few changes of clothing. A few treasured items that you want captured with you. You'll relax within the first ten minutes, I promise. 

I offer two different ways to receive your images: 

Full Sun: You receive the memory of a fun photo shoot along with a folder full of soulful captures that you can print, frame and use however your heart desires. There are usually more than 30 edited, high resolution photos delivered within a week. Investment $450.

Spotlight: You receive the memory of a fun photo shoot, too, but you receive raw proofs of your photos and you pick your top 10 which I then edit and deliver so you can print, frame and use however your heart desires. Investment $300.

see me
For the longest time, I procrastinated. I knew I had to update the headshot for my website and the images for retreat brochures. But I hated the thought of a photo shoot. All that posing. Yuck. Just thinking about it made me consider letting it go for one more year. Then along came Tracey.

We didn’t do a photo shoot - we went for a walk in the woods. I sauntered and chatted. Tracey paused and clicked. It felt relaxed, natural and authentic. I couldn’t be happier with the experience or the results. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone looking for a professional, yet unique approach to showcasing your message and style.
— Sheila Schultz

*There is a travel fee if you are more than 50 miles away. I am located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Please connect with me with any questions.