Day Two > Get To The Heart


Today you'll need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.  Let your answer rise up and easily flow out of your writing instrument. 



Get To The Heart of Your Matter

Yesterday you located the pocket of peace within your body—the place where you can feel it the most. Maybe you found it in your hands or your feet. Maybe it was in your hips or flowing through your belly. Maybe it was at the center of your throat or deep between your shoulder blades. Maybe it was occupying your heart. 

Or maybe it was completely out to lunch. Maybe you're feeling like peace is so far removed from you that you wouldn't be able to find it if your life depended on it.

Thing is, your life does depend on it. Your life depends on your connection to your self.  

Every answer or non-answer you find is a compass directing you back to the center of yourself, back to your soul, the place where you are connected to love. The place that yields peace.

It's worth noting that from here on out when I mention love I am not referring to mushy-gushy love. I am referring to the flow of energy that connects your soul to Source or God or Insert-Your-Name-Here. It's real, this energy. It's life-sustaining and, often, mind-altering. 

Without getting into a deep and long discussion regarding the dynamics of energy and your connection to the divine I just want you to realize that you are energy incarnate. 

In fact, everything is energy. 

If I paid closer attention during Mr. Michaels' 10th grade physics class I might be able to articulate all the ways that each and every one of us is connected through a constantly evolving, intricate web of atoms, but I can't. I can only tell you that the flow of love is an a stream of energy that weaves in and out of your body through so many large and small energy centers, one of which is located at your heart. And that's why you sometimes feel peaceful energy in your heart, and sometimes not. The heart seems to be one of the easiest places to pinpoint as a pocket of peace because our language has created the container and the symbolism for our mind to wrap around such an elusive concept as love.

Think about it. Your heart is an actual organ in your body. Yet, when you refer to love you refer to the heart as the center of love. So the heart has a function both realistically and symbolically. The same holds true for where you were able to locate the feeling of peace in your body. That particular area has a physical function and a symbolic meaning. 

This may sound strange, but you are not your body. You are your soul. You are merely using your body in this lifetime to fully experience this one, particular, peculiar life. Your body is meticulously designed to help your soul transcend and one of the surest ways it does that is by helping you feel your way through your humanity. Hug by hug. Prick by prick. 

It's worth noting that you're not your mind, either. Your mind is nothing more than an interpreter between your body and soul. It can do a very good job or a very poor job. I tend to think that the mind's greatest challenge is to focus on one thing: truth.

The only place where you can find truth is in your ability to be present and aware of the power of love flowing through you at any given time. The truth has nothing to do with the past or the future. It has nothing to do with what anyone may or may not think of you. It is not in the stories you have created, adopted or invented. It is not in your wounds. It has nothing to do with anything other than what is in your heart right now. When your heart is full of love, you feel peace. When it's full of fear you don't.

So you are a soul within a body with a mind trying to interpret between the two. Can you think back to a time when it was easy to interpret between the two? Chances are it's pre-memory state, but I promise's there. 

When you were taking your first steps and just making your way through the world this was, most likely, a snap. You had nothing but love and peace in your heart. You were a beginner. You were exploring. You were present for every new moment of now. You had nowhere to be. You had nothing to do other than breathe. Blank slate. Open heart. 


Now blank slate and open heart is a mindful choice. 

At any moment in time you can have a blank slate and open heart. 

Right now. Then, right now. Then, right now. 

This requires two things: single focus and curiosity. Your mind must shift from what's-next-mode to what's-here-mode. 

What's here? 

Right now. 

Take the time to drop your attention back into your body right now to find that pocket of peace again. Where is it? What part of your body is holding it right now? Once you find it, take the time to think about what that part of your body symbolizes for you. The symbolic meaning of that body part is an arrow pointing you in a direction. Can you figure that out? That information is a love note from the Universe to you. If you lean in far enough you will hear it whisper, "Come here."