Day Three > Meet Your Mind


Today you'll need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.  Let your answer rise up and easily flow out of your writing instrument. 



Meeting Your Mind

Somewhere along the way you learned that knowledge is power. And you may or may not have understood that to mean that education matters or experience holds wisdom. I'm not here to say that education doesn't matter or experience doesn't hold wisdom but I am here to say that you have all the wisdom you need tucked inside you right now. The rest is just gravy. 

Everything you need is tucked inside you. That's my mantra. it's my way of living both personally and professionally. It's the core belief of truth that I hold for myself and for you. Its the path that always leads me back to me. 

This is not to say I don't love learning. I am a self-professed geek. At any point in time I am reading between one and five books—one for pleasure (so fiction or poetry), and the rest for my own personal and professional development. A few weeks ago, when I started to study astrology, my natal birth chart revealed that my entire mission in this life can be summed up by the directive "to know." I have to tell you, I was relieved to see that my love of learning was etched in the stars and transmitted to me when I came bouncing into the world with my Sun in Aquarius. This thirst for knowledge that always brings me peace is a part of my cosmic blueprint. The very human side of me would like to contact every bleeping person who ever told me to stop reading so much or stop studying so hard and tell them where to shove their advice, but the calmer side of me knows that 9 times out of 10 I didn't bat an eye at their banter because I knew beyond my knowing that I was on-point toward something. 

All of this to say we humans are complicated creatures. Your purpose and potential is written in the stars and embedded in your soul. Which is why when and as you came into being you were gifted all the tools that you needed to live this one life fully. You mind and body are more than capable of carrying out your mission as is.

So you are capable of finding peace. It's not really you who throws you off-kilter, it's the rest of the world with their unsolicited help, advice, assistance, sometimes even their heartfelt love and deep, deep well of compassion. But don't let that get you all worked up, because in way that only the Universe could possibly orchestrate you are also a wrench in someone else's grand plan of being. So, fair is fair in the land of the living. 

Yesterday you considered the role of your soul, your body and your mind. You took the time to locate peace in your body and interpret what that means. I am hoping you kept it simple and easy; that you allowed your answer to easily surface. Even though you are complicated, the Universe is not. For instance, the heart is for loving, the stomach is for digesting, the hands are for giving and receiving, the feet are for leading, the voice is for speaking, the ears are for listening. Once you locate the place for peace, there is no hidden meaning (so exhale). 

Today I want to focus on the mind because the mind is the place that allows everyone's wrenches to adjust your screws. 

The mind is the place that either brings you to or lead you away from the peace you seek. Harnessing the mind, controlling the mind, is the work. Not just for the way you move through the world, but also for the way the world moves through you. There's only one thing that you really need to remember from here on out and that's: 

The work is not in doing, it's in undoing. 

Your mind does not begin its journey with a million racing thoughts. Your mind begins from a place of purity and connection to the flow of love between you and Source. In this place of connection you are ONE. Have you ever watched a child move through their ME phase? In that phase they are SO incredibly aware of their being. It's all about them. As it should always be all about you. When you are all about you, you understand what you need to be happy, to feel connected, to experience the love that you are. ME = MY EXPERIENCE. And that's what your life is. Your life is about harnessing your ME.

Does this sound selfish to you? If it does, that's your mind making a judgement about what you believe you are or are not entitled to. Your mind is casting that judgement because at some point in time someone tried to get you to make their experience yours. 

It's important again to note that the blame game will get you nowhere. We are having this discussion for the point of simply seeing, with fresh eyes, how the mind is capable of creating an experience that leads you away from yourself, your center, your peace. 

Some of you may be having a hard time feeling peace in your body. You may be looking outside of your body for the place that makes you feel connected. Which means your ME is not in you, per se. It's in nature. It's in things. It's in others. I'm happy to report that those places, things and people are a reflection of the peace that is in you, but that you can't access through feeling at the moment.  And I want you to know that's okay. Allow yourself to be directed from the outside in order to bring the feeling inside.

So if the ocean makes you feel peaceful then visualize yourself sitting at the edge of the ocean or swimming in it. Take note of where you feel peaceful in your body when you connect with the ocean. What part of your body fills up with joy? That place in your body is the place where you normally hold your peace when your mind isn't telling you that you don't have the time for such nonsense. 

Oh, that mind of yours (and mine). It's such a busybody, zipping this way and that, attracted to shiny things, starving for attention and (the kicker) completely convinced that knowledge is something you grasp by clinging to attachments, whether they are people, places or things. 

Knowledge is something you grasp by quieting your mind and letting go of your attachments.

Your mind is not your soul. Your mind is not your body. You are not your family. You are not your friends. You are not your house or your car or your bling. You are your soul. But all of these things around you, all of these things that you cling to for comfort and love and security and pride...these are lessons of YOU 101. The wonderful classroom you've constructed for yourself in this lifetime. The question becomes do these things bring you peace? And I'm talking about deep, unending peace. 

Take  a minute and answer that. Grab your paper and pen. 

First, list the people, places and things in your life that make you feel peaceful. You can consider them your playground—the place where you go to be happy and at ease.

Next, and perhaps, a little more difficult, list the people, places and things that feel more like work. These are your classrooms. They are your teachers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Every item on that second list is an arrow pointing you back to your center, your place of peace. The sooner you turn and face the direction of this arrow, the sooner you will reconnect with yourself. 

So as you sit with the second list the question is consider: blank slate, open heart and ask yourself: what's here? 

What's here in the person who makes me feel like an idiot every time I open my mouth? What's here in the desk that makes me feel like I sold my soul? What's here in the neighbor who tests my patience 24/7? What's here in the barking dog? What's here in the rebel teen?

What's here?

What's here?

What's here? 

In short: what's here is information. Very good, very easy, very simple information showing you where and how and what impacts your peace the most. 

This is not to say that you should walk away from your teachers. It is to say you should allow your soul to step up and embrace them.  We will do that in the coming days when we begin to blend the feeling in your body with the thoughts in your mind.

One thing is certain, my friend. Knowledge is power, but it is simply a matter of knowing yourself, inside and out, and honoring the power that you are when you are fully connected to Love. 

You are doing good work. Keep it UP!