Day Ten > Lose The Baggage



Baggage Claim

Over the past nine days we've talked about the importance of centering into the soul of who you really are in order to calm your mind and listen to your body.

We've talked about places where you find peace (like your playground) and places where you learn valuable lessons from your teachers.

We've inched toward coming into right relationship with love and fear so that you can understand the choice toward love is always yours to make when you are present in the now.

But we haven't really talked about baggage, have we? The bags you carry for yourself and the bags you carry for others. 

I think we can all take a lesson from the airline industry on this one and assign fairly stringent requirements when it comes to baggage. For instance: 

  • No baggage should be left unattended by its owner at any time. This means: stay with your own stuff. Don't abandon yourself for any reason, but also (and perhaps, more importantly) don't pick up random baggage left by others, ever. If it's not yours, it's theirs! You are not responsible for everyone's baggage. You are only responsible for your own.

  • One carry on, per person, with very strict size and weight requirements. The smaller and lighter the better because eventually you will need to hoist that baggage above your head and hope to hell it doesn't shift during flight and fall out with the slightest bit of turbulence (which it will, by the way, because baggage is very difficult to contain when chaos rears its head).

  • Heavy fees for checked bags. Let's face it, dragging around stuff from place to place creates an exceptional amount of wear and tear on your body and your mind. The sooner you go through the contents and sort out what you need, the easier it will be for you (and everyone around you) to fly.

Last week my friend, Jill, shared a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful exercise with me and I want to pass it on to help you really experience how difficult it is to physically and mentally carry baggage around. It's one thing to talk about it, but it's another thing to be aware of all the ways it impacts you. 

Grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. 

Write down one item that you are carrying around for yourself or someone else right now. Just write a word or two to describe it, nothing fancy. 

Got it?

Now fold up that piece of paper and carry it in your hand for the remainder of the day. 

This means, you can not put it in your pocket or set it down to rest AT ALL. You must carry it in your hand and go about your day without (WITHOUT) letting go of it. 

Until, of course, you realize just how ready you are to let go of it. 

At which point, you should just let go of it.

And by that I mean: let go of it.  

There is a heart full of peace on the other side of that piece of paper.