Day Six > Love Your Self



Can You Be Your Best Lover?

You are a force of love, worthy of peace in all ways. 

Do you know that? 

Louder, please.

Good, because today the road to peace is paved with love notes, written by you, to you, any way you choose. Scribble post it notes to yourself, sit down and write a long love letter about how special and loved you are, grab a tube of lipstick and profess your love for yourself on the bathroom mirror. 

For the past two years, I've had two reminders programmed into my iPhone and they land at nine o'clock sharp every single morning. The first reminder reads: Everything happens as it should. The second reminder reads: Love you. 

I do love me. And I tell myself that every day. You won't believe how much peace it brings. So don't keep your soul waiting one minute longer... 

And if this exercise feels ridiculously stupid to you, all the more reason to push past your mind and just do it. 

If you feel like sharing your note, be sure to tag it #peacequest on Instagram and tell me how it feels in your body when you read your note out loud.