Day Seven > Choose Peace



The Choice Is Always Yours

How did it feel to jump from a lesson about classrooms and teachers on day six to writing yourself a love note on day seven? Were you able to shift focus? Were you able to write yourself a love note? What did your mind want to do—release or hang onto to the classroom focus? And the big question: what day felt better to you? 

The only thing between you and peace right now is choice.

The choice is always yours. The way is always self-love. 

At any point in time, you can choose to focus on any one thing or every single thing. 

If you've every tried to focus on every single thing then you know you can barely focus on any one thing. 

You can not multitask your way to peace. 

It's impossible. 

Inner peace is not busy. It's quiet. It's knowing. It's sure and certain and determined in a way that busy can never be. Inner peace is connection. It's breath. And the space where life can unfold as it needs to. 

You can stop yourself at any point in time and ask:  where is my peace? How am I feeling? What do I need to do to center back into myself right now?

There is so much clarity at the center. And so this is where you stop yourself, on day 8, and you ask am I willing to be responsible for my own peace? And what will that require of me right now? 

And right now. 

And right now. 

Some of you may not want to hear this at all. Some of you will want to throw the hot-peace-potato in someone else's lap. Some of you will want to say that your peace is out to lunch because of x, y or Mr. Z.

The truth of the matter is that the only person responsible for your peace is you. No one can love you the way you can love you. No one can embrace all of your beautiful bits and pieces the way you can embrace all of your beautiful bits and pieces. No one can see the wholeness of you the way you do. So now that you know how good it feels to whisper sweet nothings in your own will you embody your peace today?