Day One > Take Note

Today you'll need a piece of paper or your favorite journal and a pen/pencil

When I invite you to stop and answer a question, do yourself a favor and don't overthink the question. Let the answer rise up and flow out without editing it. In doing so, you'll get to the truth of your own matter very quickly.



Take note

Settle in. 

Give yourself permission to relax for a few minutes (because this will only take a few minutes to read). 

You have a deep peace within you. You may already know that. Or you may have forgotten. It is so easy to forget sometimes, especially when the world is pulling you everywhichway.

What do you think of when you think of inner peace? What does inner peace really mean to you? How do you feel it? And when do you need it? 

Stop here for a minute and notice the first thing that pops in your mind when I ask: what is inner peace to you? Write your answer down without allowing your mind to edit it. When you're ready, keep reading. 

Got it? 

When I think of inner peace, I think of a hurricane. A raging torrent of destructive winds spanning miles, spinning wildly, moving fluidly, tethered between heaven and earth by a slinky-like funnel of relatively still and silent space. I am not swept away by the hurricane, I am drawn to the eye.  The center. The anchor. The pocket of ease and certainty, power and calm. Sometimes there are light winds in the center. Often, blue skies. And always, always quiet.  

Symbolically speaking, the eye is nature's grand reminder that there is the potential for peace at the center of everything. Even, and especially, YOU. 

You can see this reflected in your very own eye. The pupil in the center is the place where light enters you. As light streams from the sun or the moon and stars and enters into your body a series of chain reactions take place that trigger your central nervous system which in turn tickles your brain and alerts your senses, and for the continued lack of any scientific explanation whatsoever, this reaction to the light makes you feel ALIVE. 

So the question becomes how can you refocus your eye to connect with deep peace even when the only thing you might be able to see is a hurricane approaching? That hurricane being the world at large and in minutiae. 

The key is to look within. To feel within. To know within.

When is the last time you looked within yourself for peace? That's the million dollar question. Where does deep peace rest for you? Where in your body can you feel it most? There must be a place.

There is always a place. 

I feel deep peace rise up from my belly to my heart, a deep sense of knowing what I know to be true. A strong, undeniable urge that thankfully (for whatever divine reason) I can't ignore. 

It wasn't always this way. And I didn't always pay attention to it. In fact for many years I completely ignored it. But at that moment where I started to realize that there was a place in my body that held peace I started to reconnect to it again. I stopped denying it. And I started owning it.  

That's what I want you to think about today. I want you to own your inner peace. Where is this feeling, where is the connection within you? How does peace feel in your body. Just take note of this pocket in your body. Put it in writing. Describe it. If you don't know or if you can't feel it, describe that. There are no right or wrong answers here. There is only what is true for you.

And get ready to own it. Your Peace is always, always waiting for you.