Day Nine > Practice Gratitude



Grace Becomes You

If you stop to think about every moment of your life being precisely what you need in order to expand your consciousness, what happens? 

Can you feel the gratitude for where you are right now? 

Can you thank your body for what it tells you when it feels good, as well as when it aches? 

Can you thank your mind for slowing down; for processing; for understanding the depth of all you know?

Can you thank nature for showing you how love shows up without an agenda? 

Can you thank your teachers, far and near, for helping you see all that Fear hoped you would miss? 

Can you inhale love and exhale love? 

Can you whisper, thank you, to every single thing that comes in contact with you throughout this day?

And then the next?  

And then the next? 

Start now. 

Start here. 

Give thanks. 

{Maybe today you can start by making just one list of thanks to your body. You know, for starters...}