Day Eleven > Thank Your Teachers



Thank Your Teachers

What happened when you let go of your note yesterday?

What surprised you about that moment of release? 

I was surprised by how easy it was to just decide that I didn't want to carry that particular bag anymore. I was surprised that I could simply put it to rest without thinking or over- thinking the simple act of just releasing the burden of carrying it around any longer. 

I think we like to make a very big, mental deal out of everything. It's the mind's job to make sure all the loose ends are tied up, right? Whereas the soul's job is to just be love because by being love it recognizes that it is whole and true. 

And it's easy to be love. 

When you decide to practice peace the only thing you need to do is be the love that you are. 

That means not resisting the flow of love rushing through you. That means, not fighting for peace any longer (because you can't possibly fight for peace and be at peace). 

And that means letting go. 

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.
— George Carlin

Remember when you wrote that love note to yourself a few days ago? Remember how you felt to just witness and receive the love that welled up from your heart? 

What would happen if you took the time to write a love note to one of your greatest teachers so that you could properly thank them for showing you what you needed to see, learning what you needed to learn, expanding in the way their lesson helped you to expand. 

Can you do it?

Go ahead.

You don't need to send your teacher this letter, this is an exercise just for you. There are so many precious gifts in the lesson that you have not even witnessed yet. Take the time to write it out, from the heart. It's worth noting that your teacher isn't always a person, sometimes it's a place or a job or a moment or a thing, or, or, or...

When you're finished, do whatever you want with the letter. I like to burn these types of love notes because the fire transmutes the energy. I take the ashes and either toss them into the wind or set them back into the earth knowing full well the love contained in the process nourishes the ground I walk on, as only it can do. 

Take a deep breath and get your thoughts on paper. I promise you this experience will deliver the peace you seek.