I know you're busy. I'm busy, too. 

You're busy doing what you do. I'm busy doing what I do. 

Every day, I'm busy meditating for at least five minutes. And then, I'm busy doing something else. 

Busy is a state of mind.


A state with more space.

A state with more feeling.

A state with more ease.

It only takes five minutes a day to tune into yourself. 

Your body is like a giant radio that can tune into an infinite number of channels. There's the local weather channel that enables you to read the vibe in a room. A news channel that empowers you to understand your partner's gnarly mood. A love channel that can lift your spirit in an instant. There's even a top hit channel that can deliver guidance on the go. 

But if you're too busy to tune in, there's just static on the line. 

Meditation changes that.

Meditation changes you. 

I didn't believe this either, at first.

Chances are, you are more apt to listen to the garbage than to listen to your needs. That's normal, but normal doesn't equal right.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be tuned into your body? To understand your emotions? To voice your truth? To truly honor your needs day in and day out? Or, at the very least, to start trying? 

This is all about trying, my friend. Self-love is a practice that's best practiced daily. 

How about we practice together?

I am a certified to teach Shamatha by the Open Heart Project. Shamatha is a Sanskrit word that means "peaceful abiding." It is a beautifully simple ancient practice designed to help you return your hyper-active mind to its natural state of peace and joy. Imagine that: your natural state is one of peace and joy. 

It's not difficult or time-consuming. You just need to get quiet because if you are not quiet then you won't be able to hear. Makes sense, right?