I was in a funk. Had some bad juju from my past that was messing with my chakras, among other things. I experienced a full energy clearing and Reiki session that left me with peace, clarity, and love (and all from a distance)! Sound a little woo woo? Well that’s because it is. And it’s effing awesome. So grateful for the people in the world who embrace their true gifts and offer them to others.
— Shannon Guild


I’ve found my joy again.
— Dana Reeves


Tracey, what a gifted guide and teacher your are. There was So. Much. Love.

Throughout every aspect of the Field Trip - in every lesson, in every exchange, in all of your support.
I will never forget Field Trip 2015, it has, and you have, deeply enriched my life. Thank you.
— JL


Tracey’s sessions send healing love right to where you need it most.
Then, healing happens: for real.
Tracey helped me to release low back pain that had been lingering for at least six months. Now, it’s simply gone. And I feel free.
— Lori Claerhout
There is a vulnerability that comes with sharing energy, and Tracey is blessed with such caring and calm ways. She is attentive and thorough, sweet and without judgement. This was a most positive experience with a very gifted woman willing to share her time.
— Jill Price