There is a vulnerability that comes with sharing energy, and Tracey is blessed with such caring and calm ways. She is attentive and thorough, sweet and without judgement. This was a most positive experience with a very gifted woman willing to share her time.
— Jill Price
I am so grateful for the energy cleansing and the email you sent me. I am in awe the way it all worked out—that I was awoken from my deep slumber half a world away to receive your email right when you finished my cleanse, perfect timing, perfect space for me to receive the divine guidance in your words. 
Big things are on the cards for me, thank you for your part in this.
— Anthea Flowers
Tracey is truly a gift. What is most amazing is her ability to help others work through their issues, so they can realize their true gifts. Prior to working with Tracey, I had worked with a psychologist to learn how to cope with the emotional issues spanning my career, marriage and family. I made great progress and thought I was as clear and content as I could ever hope to be. But there is a world of difference between coping / managing emotional challenges vs. actually working-through and healing them. The difference is profound, liberating, and empowering. Tracey’s guidance and self-evaluation strategies helped me shed my emotional defenses so that I can see the issues for myself, and ultimately heal the pain points once and for all. How do you put a price on that?
— Ann
I so enjoyed the conversation with you today, the ideas and sharing and the inspiring ideas. I feel like we covered a lot of ground — more than I expected! And I appreciated the honest, open, affirming and clear space you held for me today. I felt like some pieces came into place that I had been struggling with for a while — and I’m surprised at how easy it felt, thanks to your listening, wisdom and attuned ideas.
— Shannon Jackson Arnold
Tracey showed me how important it is to live in today. She helped me work through some inner fears to get to a much better place personally, as well as spiritually. She was so incredibly comforting during a difficult time in my life when I was seeking answers I couldn’t find on my own. I’m super grateful to her, and look forward to every insightful experience!
— Laura Mattes
The reading that Tracey gave me was magical. She truly tapped into the areas where I’m struggling and brought me much-needed clarity. Tracey has such a wonderful gift!
— Marci Foster, Love Will Always Find You
This experience lifted me lending support, guidance and hope. Tracey’s intuitive gift is amazing and will leave you speechless and in a state of Divine bliss with your own life.
— Jennifer Ciarimboli, Balance Yoga
Tracey is a gift to my life, guiding me through her readings, and providing soul cleanse. Both so insightful, and full of divine guidance. Her wisdom is a gift from the universe I will forever be grateful! I encourage anyone looking for that “spark” to light your way to your true self to work with Tracey, it will forever change your life!
— Christi Tedeschi
This was a wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring experience. Absolutely astonishing.
— Kaili