When's the last time you enjoyed a field trip? 

Well, this one is going to be a little different. That's because this one is a 12-month field trip to the center of your soul. This one will re-introduce you to your intuitive strengths, soul-whispering truths and muscle-popping moxie. This field trip will show you, once and for all, that there's only ONE difference between someone who is intuitive and someone who isn't: a willingness (or lack thereof) to use innate intuition. It's true: we are ALL wired to discover, strengthen and use our intuition for our highest good. It's just that some people are willing to do that and some people are not. 

This field trip is a semi-private mentorship program for those who are ready to develop their intuition to a higher level. There are only 12 seats available on this so-called bus, though, so that each person can receive the individualized support necessary from day one through day 365. 

I believe in your ability to live life empowered from the inside out

  • in your ability to focus on what works for you and let go of all that doesn't serve your soul.
  • in your ability to discover, re-discover, grow and create; to rise and fall and rise again with your eyes and heart wide open.
  • in your ability to be wholly complete and completely whole at all times.

I believe in your ability to harness the magic inside you so that you can shine as bright as the sun

  • and connect with your very own source of power of divinity.
  • and share your infinite and unique gifts.
  • and celebrate this one and only life in all your human glory.

I believe everything you need is tucked inside you right now, including:

  • the power to intuitively navigate your journey on YOUR terms.
  • the power to choose from the gut and shoot from the hip.
  • the a power to know your guardian angels and spirit guides.
  • the power to understand, interpret and share symbolic guidance.
  • the power to push, pull and read energy.
  • the power to heal yourself and others.

Consider this your invitation to open to the power within you.

I can promise you that it will be more beautiful than you can imagine. This I know to be true. You'll enrich your life tenfold just by discovering the power of intuition within you. If you decide you want to share that intuition with the rest of the world, even better, there's nothing quite like being a conduit of love.

When I first discovered that I was intuitive I found myself searching for answers. There was so much to understand and learn yet trusting the sources of information and support was daunting and frustrating, at best. I'm convinced there is a better way to step into an intuitive lifestyle. And I'm ready to deliver the nurturing environment I often longed for.

This space offers a safe place to learn, experience, develop, strengthen and play (yes, play) with your intuition in a way that's grounded in love and purpose, safety and support, freedom and focus. That's because it's personalized for you.

Over the course of our journey you'll gain:

  • a thorough understanding of your clairs, energetic anatomy and Universal energy field (along with why all that matters)
  • a closer relationship your guides and spirit support team
  • sacred practices including (but not limited to) energy clearing, reiki, channelling, automatic writing and card reading
  • the basis for bringing love, trust, faith, forgiveness and compassion into your life and practice

When you commit to the field trip you'll:

  • enter the classroom space where you can meet sisters who share your willingness to lean in to promise and potential
  • receive lessons at a pace that nurtures your own developing practice and growth
  • join a monthly, open-mic Q&A call (if you choose the FULL SUPPORT option)
  • enjoy ongoing support for your own very personal journey into your heart and soul

Your intuitive powers are directly related to your source of empowerment.

And your source of empowerment is directly related to your willingness to strengthen your intuitive muscles. Sounds like a riddle, but it's not. When you're willing to step away from what the status quo would have you believe (that you're not half as strong as you know you are) then you're capable of developing a deeper sense of yourself, your promise and your potential. 

I source my knowledge and connection as a medium and energy practitioner to help you discover your very own beautiful skills through a group mentorship program called 

Wondering what current Field Trippers are saying?  Six months in on the journey...

My time with Tracey and my fellow Field Trippers expanded my perspective on my place in the world and I learned things that I will carry with me forever. The bus was just the first step on a life-long spiritual journey that I’m so happy to be on. Tracey’s guidance, love and support are invaluable. A must-do for anyone who wants to get better in touch with the magic of the universe.
— Marci Foster
I’m finding answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, all the while embraced by a supportive community and magical teacher.
— Paula
Field Trip is a sacred, safe, and loving space which allowed me to open up and awaken my intuitive skills. Throughout the trip, Tracey gives us the tools and techniques to remove our own blocks and start to realize who we are and what we are capable of. For me, it was a life changing experience, and for the first time, I am beginning to understand the possibilities and wonders that life and it’s experiences truly have to offer. The results were better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Tracey.
— Craig Allen
When I heard about the Field Trip, I was slightly hesitant to take the plunge. I wasn’t sure if it was for me or if I was ready. Eventually I realized it was exactly what I needed and I was as ready as I’d ever been. I now know, without a doubt, it was the best thing I could have done. In 6 months I have grown spiritually in a way I never thought was possible. The guidance and support you’ll receive from Tracey is genuine and the sense of camaraderie that develops with the other students is amazing. You’ll know if your heart if it’s something for you. I absolutely know it is for me.
— Jill Marchakitus

The next group Field Trip experience begins April 1, 2016. Want in? Sign up for the interest list to stay updated.  

Your investment in yourself is $1450.

You need a few questions answered first? Fire away. Wondering if I practice what I preach? Check out the love. Curious about what will happen if you have a change of heart after signing up? Please review the fine print.  

Are you wondering things like...

what are my clairs? 

I see your clairs as your openings to the subtle energy around you. Your clairs are you intuitive muscles—clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (knowing) and clairgustance (tasting).

who are my guides?

Your guides are spirits that assist you throughout your life. Some are with you from day one, others come and go as you travel along. There's a good chance you'll pick up a new guide or two for this trip. You will learn how to communicate with them daily. 

why so many sacred practices?

There are so many ways to beef up your intuitive muscle. You won't fall in love with every practice, but it will be good to see what practices speak to you deeply (that will happen). 

why 12-months?

Twelve months may seem like a long time, but it's really not. The only way to learn and integrate the different lessons is with the gift of time and experience. This journey is about finding ways to heighten your personal development and that's not anything that we can rush through. If you were only going to experiment with one practice, like Reiki, then the journey would be a fraction of the time, but this process is about finding a way to incorporate a number of practices into your life and there's simply no way to do that quickly.