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Visionary Guidance With Cé Änn


Experience the love and wonder of TranceMissions

TranceMissions are a presentation of Multi-Dimensional Reality. 

Cé Änn (pronounced say on) offers an evening of communion with a number of frequencies in a publicly channeled group session. Bring your questions, an open mind and prepare for celebration.  

Cé Änn has been offering trance sessions extensively since 1986, after being opened in 1983, "the channel formerly known as Seán Michael" hails from a heritage of psychics. He travels throughout the United States and abroad to offer Visionary Guidance.  Affectionately called The Channel's Channel, Cé Änn inspires loving allowance, self motivation, intuitive growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential. He makes his home amongst the red rock of Sedona, Arizona. 

Cognizance beyond the distractions of the human experience, Visionary Guidance is an all encompassing consultation technique; a seeming blend of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance. Channeling has been utilized by many to gain greater clarity with regard to their transformational process and as a source of guidance and confirmation for a truthful, expansive, validating view of their reality. No matter how you refer to the expressed information, the bottom line is truth. Whether in a public group, a semi-private, or one to one, this is your opportunity for expansion. 

Come “Explore your Self, Awaken your Mind, and Expand your Heart” with an enlightening reflection during... 

“TranceMissions”: a publicly channeled group session, wherein many “Frequencies” move through, sharing vocal toning, exercises, and topical dialogue depending on the group consciousness gathered; your questions encouraged! 

This event will be held in my studio in Shavertown, Pennsylvania. You will receive the location upon registration. This event will be offered in Honesdale, the following night. Please see below. 

Seating is limited.

Reservations required. If you would like to pay in advance, you will receive further details with your confirmation. If you prefer to offer your exchange on the day of the event you may do that as well (cash, credit card, checks payable to Visionary Guidance).

Exchange $30

You can visit Cé Änn's website at




Enjoy TranceMissions in Honesdale, PA

6/26 • 7-9pm


Maya Minwah is also hosting Visionary Guidance with Cé Änn in Honesdale, PA. 

Maya is the creator of Mayasblends Aromatherapy for Awakening, a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, and a practitioner of shamanic aromatherapy energy healing for over 20 years. A poet and mystic, she holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and has traveled on sacred journeys to Bimini, the Yucatan, the US Southwest and Northwest, Greece, and Peru. She offers consultation, sessions, and sacred circles in NYC and throughout Northeast PA. Ce Ann’s visionary gifts have inspired her life and work since the 1990s.

Venue: call for Location

Reservations Requested

Please call or email the Host: Minwah • 570.468.7350 • to book the Honesdale event or private consultation appointments with Cé Änn. Private consultations are only available June 27th, in Honesdale (digitally recorded for your convenience). 

Exchanges: TranceMissions: $30; Private Consultation: $90/30minutes.

Earlier Event: June 16
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