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Moonshine Sessions

Every month the New Moon ushers in a field of opportunity for you to call forth your deepest desires in all areas of your life—personal and professional—and all facets of your being—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your only responsibility is to open to the powerful pull of your very own longing. 

When you take the time to intentionally call forth your wishes you manifest so much goodness in your life. You begin to clear energetic clutter so that your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy feels whole and true. You begin to lead your own way, on your own path, anchored to your center, grounded by your intention. 

It sounds so serious, but in reality? It is light and blissful.  

If I know anything, I know that you are capable of opening. I know that you are capable of locating your desires. I know that you are capable of celebrating your very own dreamy, beamy manifestation of all things honest and good for you.

You are the key to your everything. 

And so this is the work that we will do, sitting side by side on Monday, January 15th, 7PM-9PM at my studio in Northeastern Pennsylvania (address provided prior to the event). You and 9 other sisters (sorry gentlemen) will talk about all things dreamy as you are guided to hone into your night vision—looking deep into your heart and deciding what you want to call into your life right now. The minute you say YES to yourself, magic begins to happen. I promise. 


Your session fee includes all materials for your personal Moonshine board (that you will take with you) along with light food and beverages (think home-baked artisan bread, cheese and spirits).

If you would like to add in a distance Reiki session that will take place 2 days AFTER Moonshine on January 17th (the day of the New Moon), you can just select that option below. The distance Reiki session is an additional $60. Adding this will clear your energy and fill you with healing light and love. Win-win, if you ask me. 

Registration is now closed. Please email me if you'd like to attend, there may be cancellations. If you'd like to stay informed of future events, please add your name to my email list. 

Later Event: April 15
April Moonshine