Sounds For Healing with Annie Palmer
6:00 PM18:00

Sounds For Healing with Annie Palmer

Annie Palmer

Annie Palmer

De-stress, restore balance, clear the mind, and support immunity with a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Massage

Based on the science of sound and its profound healing effect on the body and mind, this event offers a “sound bath” using the powerful vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls. Relaxing in a supportive environment and comfortable resting position the frequencies and vibrations will wash over you, supporting a state of deep relaxation leaving you rested and rejuvenated, clearing the mind and restoring balance.  

Annie Palmer is a certified BioAcoustics Research Associate and Sound Practitioner using both Voice Spectral Analysis and sounds for wellness.  The Crystal Singing Bowl event is a means of administering a general range of sound to help balance the energies and frequencies of the body. 

Annie is certified in Ayurveda Yoga, Viniyoga and Hatha Yoga traditions with 30 years of meditation experience.  She’s a Reiki practitioner, Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, and bodyworker as well.

Annie is offering this event on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6 PM. You can sign up below. Exchange is $30.

This event is will be held in my studio in Northeastern Pennsylvania. If you are traveling from out of town and would like hotel recommendations, please get in touch

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The Reiki Way
10:00 AM10:00

The Reiki Way


Are you ready to discover deep healing? 

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that brings your heart and mind into alignment to ease stress, reduce anxiety and establish a deeper sense of balance and joy as you move throughout the day. In essence, it reconnects you to your natural state of wholeness, regardless of how fragmented you may sometimes feel. 

As much as I love offering Reiki to the world, I love teaching Reiki even more because it delivers a profound sense of personal compassion and empowerment to those who are willing to take the time to embrace their innate ability to heal from the inside out. 

In this workshop you will:

  • learn the history of Mikao Usui's spiritual healing practice

  • discuss how it works

  • discover how to flow Reiki to yourself and others

  • develop a prescription for healing yourself

  • track your progress over the course of twenty-one days

  • receive one-on-one support for 21 days following class

  • obtain a hand-painted Usui Reiki Ryoho level one certificate

After this class, you will receive access to the lessons via an online learning platform. Ongoing support will be available from the start of the first class through Saturday, November 24, 2018 via text messaging.

Class will be held in my studio in Northeastern, PA. Address provided prior to the start of class. Light lunch and beverages provided. Participation is limited to ten women (sorry gents). Investment: $111

Questions? Get in touch. 

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6:00 PM18:00

Self-Love Workshop at The Barn Nutrition and Fitness


Join me for this SELF LOVE workshop at The Barn, Nutrition and Fitness, in Shavertown, PA. Mary Dragon Stavrinos, Rebecca Nicely, aromatherapist and Master Herbalist and myself will help you learn how to DETOX your body and mind so that you can LOVE your whole being. We'll be sharing a head-to-toe-to-soul holistic routine that includes meditating, eating well, dry brushing and essential oil therapy and we'll wrap up the session with a group Reiki share. 


Limited seating.

Please call The Barn for more information and to reserve your place: 570-255-4175

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7:00 PM19:00

Visionary Guidance With Cé Änn


Experience the love and wonder of TranceMissions

TranceMissions are a presentation of Multi-Dimensional Reality. 

Cé Änn (pronounced say on) offers an evening of communion with a number of frequencies in a publicly channeled group session. Bring your questions, an open mind and prepare for celebration.  

Cé Änn has been offering trance sessions extensively since 1986, after being opened in 1983, "the channel formerly known as Seán Michael" hails from a heritage of psychics. He travels throughout the United States and abroad to offer Visionary Guidance.  Affectionately called The Channel's Channel, Cé Änn inspires loving allowance, self motivation, intuitive growth and the awakening of unlimited human potential. He makes his home amongst the red rock of Sedona, Arizona. 

Cognizance beyond the distractions of the human experience, Visionary Guidance is an all encompassing consultation technique; a seeming blend of philosophies, psychologies, and spiritual practices of human reality merged with non-physical awareness using an altered state or trance. Channeling has been utilized by many to gain greater clarity with regard to their transformational process and as a source of guidance and confirmation for a truthful, expansive, validating view of their reality. No matter how you refer to the expressed information, the bottom line is truth. Whether in a public group, a semi-private, or one to one, this is your opportunity for expansion. 

Come “Explore your Self, Awaken your Mind, and Expand your Heart” with an enlightening reflection during... 

“TranceMissions”: a publicly channeled group session, wherein many “Frequencies” move through, sharing vocal toning, exercises, and topical dialogue depending on the group consciousness gathered; your questions encouraged! 

This event will be held in my studio in Shavertown, Pennsylvania. You will receive the location upon registration. This event will be offered in Honesdale, the following night. Please see below. 

Seating is limited.

Reservations required. If you would like to pay in advance, you will receive further details with your confirmation. If you prefer to offer your exchange on the day of the event you may do that as well (cash, credit card, checks payable to Visionary Guidance).

Exchange $30

You can visit Cé Änn's website at




Enjoy TranceMissions in Honesdale, PA

6/26 • 7-9pm


Maya Minwah is also hosting Visionary Guidance with Cé Änn in Honesdale, PA. 

Maya is the creator of Mayasblends Aromatherapy for Awakening, a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, and a practitioner of shamanic aromatherapy energy healing for over 20 years. A poet and mystic, she holds a Masters Degree in Counseling and has traveled on sacred journeys to Bimini, the Yucatan, the US Southwest and Northwest, Greece, and Peru. She offers consultation, sessions, and sacred circles in NYC and throughout Northeast PA. Ce Ann’s visionary gifts have inspired her life and work since the 1990s.

Venue: call for Location

Reservations Requested

Please call or email the Host: Minwah • 570.468.7350 • to book the Honesdale event or private consultation appointments with Cé Änn. Private consultations are only available June 27th, in Honesdale (digitally recorded for your convenience). 

Exchanges: TranceMissions: $30; Private Consultation: $90/30minutes.

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7:00 AM07:00

A Day Of Being

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.37.30 PM.png

I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to offer one of the two afternoon workshops at this lovely event. 

Join Jennifer & Ed Ciarimboli at their home, sharing sacred spaces and practices for a day to reconnect to the earth, the sky, the birds singing and your heart beating. 

The will begin bright and early with a gentle movement class poolside followed by a seated meditation. A healthy, homemade organic breakfast will be served under the pine trees that frame the property which will include Ed's famous fresh egg frittatas from Jenn's chickens, seasonal fruit, juices and homemade muffins. From there you will have an opportunity to participate in either a vigorous hike (path A) or an easier hike (path B) then meet in a cleared field space for a deeply relaxing earth meditation. Walking meditation time will follow with free time to explore the magical property or take a dip in the pool. A choice between two early afternoon workshops (see below) will be available followed by a final hour long Yin Yoga class ending with a 15 minute led meditation. We will take time to talk about Mindful eating followed by a delicious & hearty vegetarian dinner featuring local, organic food prepared "peasant style" by Ed served with Ed's homemade Napa grape Red Blend 2017. 

Water & homemade snacks will be provided throughout the afternoon. Please bring your own yoga mat; all other props will be provided.

Pre-registration is mandatory for this exclusive event as space is limited. Cost: $150/person

Please click through to register at Jennifer Ciarimboli Yoga for this event. 




Journey With Bear Workshop

Bear medicine offers you the opportunity to go deep to discover the truth within you. Luckily, nature equips and supports your growth and development every step of the way. It’s so easy to miss the signs that are placed before you, but once you realize your very own connection to nature, the generosity and profoundly simple medicine of nature unfolds before your very eyes. 

You will be invited to notice and embrace these gifts on your hike. You will be asked to bring something back that calls your name or simply tugs at the curious child inside you. 

As you hold your treasure, you will be lead on a guided drum journey with Mama Bear to tap in and decipher the meaning of your medicine. 

A twig is never just a twig, a feather is never just a feather, a stone is never just a stone. Nature is your ally, speaking to you in symbols and sharing elemental remedies to ease your mind, heal your body and lift your spirit. 

You will have the opportunity to privately journal your experience post journey, as well as share and process in a safe and sacred circle. 

It’s amazing to communicate with the forces of nature around you.

It's going to be a delicious sort of day...Wanna join me?


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