The day that Time quit


I was talking to Time last night and she told me that she's pretty tired of the nonsense. 

She's tired of carrying everyone's baggage...something about the way she gets blamed her for being too much and too little in the same breath. 

She said (and I quote), "I'm tired of never being enough. Every waking second, someone wants more than I can give them. I don't understand why no one understands my limits. I'm not God." 

And that's when I stopped her. 

You know how I feel about that right? Time is, as you are, as I am, God. We are all a slice of this omnipresent goodness known as the Great Spirit. 

Even, Time. 

So I told her, just as I'd tell anyone who feels like they are never up to par: just stop.  

Stop being the Time that everyone demands and start being the Time that you want to be. 

Stop giving everything away. 

Start focusing on what you need.

Stop trying to please the world. 

Start ticking things off your own list. 

Stop blaming everyone else. 

Start turning yourself around. 

Stop wasting your hours complaining about what you don't have. 

Start loving every juicy second that you do have. 

And do you know what she did? 

She started living in the now. 

Imagine that. 

If you'd like to meet Time where she's at, join the Field Trip. This is last call. There's only one seat left and you can't blame Time for getting in the way. She just quit. 

Yes, Now



No, don't touch that. 

No, don't go there. 

No, come back here. 

No, STOP. 

Stop asking, No. 

No, not now. 

No, that's too much. 

No, that's not enough. 


Yes, you can have that.

Yes, you can go there.

Yes, that's the right direction.

Yes, now is perfect.

Yes, you are perfect.

Yes, you are enough.

It's no wonder

that when you spend your formative years

walking between No and Yes

it becomes increasingly,

if not impossibly difficult,

to make personally liberating decisions

that reside beyond the lines that someone else painted on your path.

You have two options:

you can stay the course

or you can create your own.

Worth noting; both options are completely viable

it's just that one requires permission from others 

and the other requires permission from yourself.

Yes, now is perfect.

You know where you'll find me, right? Pave your own way with me on the Field Trip. We start May 6. There are only four spots left. Yes, now is the time to decide.  

Clairavoidance, redux

(I originally posted this in 2015, but it bears repeating)

Synchronicity and coincidence, hunches and gut instinct—all of those terms are far less threatening than "clairvoyance." You don't need to think about things like faith and trust and belief. You don't need to be responsible for calling abundance into your life. You can just consider yourself lucky for whatever it is that drops into your lap or shows up at your door or happens exactly when you desperately need it to happen. Whatever it is. 

Lucky break! High five! Whew!  

<I<nsert happy dance>>

I can wax on for hours about why we're encouraged to invest our belief in luck as opposed to intuition, but I won't force you into that fascinating discussion. I'll just say this: luck lacks power. It's fleeting. You can't own it. You can't harness it. You just need to wait for it. You need to wait for the next helping of luck to fall into your plate.

Intuition, and any way it comes to you—clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairalience, clairgustance— isn't lucky, it's birthright.  

That's right, your body is designed to intuit messages, nudges, twinges, information that can and will help you navigate. Can you imagine? We all have it. We're all equal. We can use, strengthen, develop it. We can high five our way from here to Kalamazoo and back just by tapping into it. 

No kidding. 

The only problem is that it puts you in the driver's seat of your own life. It forces you to become responsible for your choices and goals and dreams. You can't just rely on luck. You can't simply hope for the best. You are required to actually manifest the best for yourself. Some people will have you believe that the only way to manifest the best for yourself is to believe that they have your best interests in mind. These are the same people that want you to think intuition is not real or worse, evil. What's evil now? Exactly. 

Maybe it's time to stop avoiding what you know in your heart to be true: you can live a life empowered from the inside out. 

This is the life-changing result of the Field Trip. Is that something you're ready to embrace? Allowing yourself to lean in is the first step.  Sign up today. If you can not afford to invest $111/month for a year, apply for the Field Trip Scholarship. We begin May 6th. 


Psst: the password is YES

When I first started to develop my intuition, I was afraid to talk about it. I can see now that I couldn't find the right language for the rest of the world to wrap its head around, and I was still under the impression that THAT mattered, that I really should care whether or not other people could be comfortable with who I am. I'm so happy to have finished my jaunt on that path. 

What I find now is that when I do talk about intuition and energy, being a medium, offering healing sessions and blah, blah, blah...many people lean in very quickly. Within just a few minutes they whisper their stories about the way Spirit is present in their lives. They ask questions. They want to KNOW more. 

What they want is to know how to feel more Spirit in their own lives. They want to know how to connect. They want to be themselves. They want to feel the happiness that they know is on the other side of presence and awareness and peace. 

And so I tell them, as I'm telling you, the password is yes. 

You need to say yes, then it really does just come to you. 

Yes, I want to be myself. 

Yes, I want to open my heart. 

Yes, I want to deepen my connection. 

Yes, I want to heal what hurts. 

Yes, I want more. 

Yes, I demand more. 

Yes, I worthy of more.

Yes, I am worthy of love. 

Yes, I am worthy of my love.  

Yes, I give myself permission to hold this love. 

Yes, I give myself permission to see this love.

Yes, I give myself permission to know this love.

Yes, I give myself permission to be this love. 


Are you ready to say yes? I'm waiting for you. The Field Trip begins May 6, 2015. There are such a lovely group of people climbing aboard, one by one. Join now


If I had a penny for the number of times someone whispers to me, "This might sound crazy but..." and then follows with something that doesn't sound crazy to ME at all, well...

"This might sound crazy but last night I was all alone in the house and I smelled cigar smoke. Isn't that crazy?" As the story goes, we then rule out the Possibility of cigar smoke and then we turn our attention on the Truth of the matter. "Who did you know that loved cigars?" Then, waterworks; followed by reassurance that Truth is Possibility. 

Everything is Truth. Everything is Possibility. 

Honestly, nothing sounds crazy to me anymore. Even more honestly, I'm not sure that it ever did sound crazy in the first place.

The very first time I remember Spirit coming through to me I was in my grandmother's house. She just died. My dad was searching for something in the house. He was upstairs. He was downstairs. Opening and closing drawers and doors. I finally said, "What are you looking for?"

"Nana wants you to have her engagement ring and I can't find it anywhere." 

At that moment, Nana's voice, clear as a bell in my left ear, "It's in the china cabinet, top shelf, first tea cup on the right." No hello. No goodbye. Just the details. 

This might sound crazy but I didn't attach any crazy to that. I walked two feet to the china cabinet, opened the glass door, assumed tippy toes, reached in and scooped out her ring. 

"Is this it?" 

"How'd you know where it was?" 

"I just did." 

There didn't seem to be a need to say, "She just told me." In fact, I didn't tell him that until years later when I tried to explain how I became a medium. See, the problem is...I didn't become a medium. I was a medium. 

Just as you don't become a medium, you are a medium. We are, in fact, all mediums. We are all wired with the capacity to receive information intuitively. Some of us are willing. Some are not. 

I don't agree that said willingness is a matter of individual spiritual evolution as much as it is simply wanting to be accepted and fit in to society. 

In fact, if society en masse, wanted you to know the truth and beauty of your individual energy field and the collective field you live in then you wouldn't be prefacing your inevitable perception and interaction with your own and the collective field by diminishing your personally beautiful experiences with, "This might sound crazy but..." 

Instead, you would say: my dad came back to visit me. And I would have said, Nana just told me. 

But we are taught to keep such things quiet because they are CRAZY according to the society. 

Personally, I prefer the word: HELPFUL. But that's only because I dedicate my time to helping people understand just how NORMAL they are and how much more JOYFUL they can be when they understand, know and work with (not against) the undeniable flow of information their own and the collective energy field provides 24/7.

This might sound crazy, but it's not. 

This is the work we do in the Field Trip. We shift from this notion that we are crazy when our intuition is merely raising its voice into a space where we can understand what's happening and interpret the meaning so that we can simply live a more connected and fulfilled life. A life where presence and awareness override mindlessness and anxiety. A life where love and compassion override fear and anger. 

The key of the Field Trip is coming into alignment with who you really are, with the intuitive strength and power you really have and finding a way to work with your energy field in the life you're living right now. 

Will you experience transformational shift? Only if you don't resist it. I have witnessed people experience it and I have witnessed people resist it. Like all things in this life, you always get to choose your next move. One thing I can tell you is that when you stop resisting who you really are life realigns itself beautifully.

This might sound crazy but there's more to you. 

Join me for the 2016 Field Trip and see for yourself who you really are. The journey begins April 4th.