7 reasons why you're not receiving miracles rightthisverysecond

I say: you're not (really) open to receiving miracles


Case in point, look at what you just said! You can't receive a miracle if you say you never receive a miracle. That's like opening the miracle door and then slamming it in your own face. Stop thinking that way. 

I say: you don't think you're worthy of receiving miracles

You reply: Well, there are people who have it worse

Excuse me, but does worse equal worthy? Sometimes there are people who have it worse, sometimes there are not. None of that has anything to do with you. Worse does not equal worthy. 

I say: you think the miracle fairy allots one miracle per human (maybe even per lifetime)

You reply: She doesn't? 

No, she doesn't. If she did, she'd be totally out of work. Nothing makes her happier than doling out multiple miracles daily. If you've already enjoyed one, start asking for more. If you've never enjoyed one, starting asking right now.  

I say: you think miracles are for sissies

You reply: I can figure out how to solve my own problems, thankyouverymuch

You're welcome! How's that working for you? Just imagine, all that time you're wasting, trying to go it alone and solve your own problems is time that you could be enjoying the celebration of a totally fresh and fast solution that dropped from the sky. Mhm. That's right. Open up. 

I say: you think miracles are not a dependable solution

You reply: They certainly aren't guaranteed, are they?

No solution is guaranteed. However, if you trust and believe a miracle will arrive it will (it just might not look or feel the way you anticipate it). 

I say: you judge miracles by the size of the request

You reply: Miracles are HUGE

Miracles are rarely huge, which is precisely the problem because when they are huge you hear about it and you are overcome by the hugeness of it all (a life saved, for instance). The truth is, miracles are also incredibly small events—the phone call you've been waiting for, exact change in your pocket, words of advice spoken at just the right time—as long as you are open to receiving them. It really doesn't matter if you need a HUGE miracle or just a little teeny tiny one, as far as the Universe is concerned: size never matters. 

I say: you're not willing to wait for it to arrive

You reply: I certainly don't have all day

Let me tell you something about miracles, they come when they're ready and not a split second before. What do they wait for? Usually, YOU.

YOU to trust. 

YOU to have faith.

YOU to let go of the need to figure it all out on your own. 

How do you do that?

By trusting they will come.

By having the faith whatever comes will be the answer. 

By letting go of the superiority complex. Because, really

What a funny little circle this all is, don't you think?

Miracles require all the patience in the world and no patience at all, because when you suddenly give it up and hand it all over to that higher power everything arrives in the best possible form at the most opportune time. 

Inpatient much? Reframe your wait to this:

Wonder Always Inspires Trust

Then go and see what miracles are waiting for you, but whatever you do: don't blink (cuz you really won't want to miss the miracle). 

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Your potential is pre-programmed


I picked this acorn up in the driveway just yesterday. 

I held it between my left thumb and index finger, brought it up close to my eyes, gently rolled it back and forth, looking, examining...

Do you know what the difference is between the potential of this acorn and your very own?


The acorn is pre-programmed to open and expand wherever it lands. It doesn't know NOT to. 

You are pre-programmed to open and expand wherever you land, too. It's only that brain of yours that warns: NOT here, NOT now, NOT that direction, NOT this direction, NOT, NOT, NOT. 

You might say, "But the acorn won't grow because it landed in your driveway so that's...faulty programming." But it's not. Because after I took this photo I planted the acorn in the earth. 

You see, the Universe wouldn't go through the trouble of pre-programming growth without also pre-programming the necessary conditions for that growth to occur. 

Living life to its full potential isn't the result of a gazillion disconnected lucky breaks. It's the result of a gazillion connected loving breaks. We're all here to help each other grow, which means that if you get your brain out of the way long enough to open and expand it will happen. 

You just need to trust the process.