spider guidance

The shiny shimmery web of connection

This is what I see when I see my life

(and yours):

a web of connection

held together by silken threads 

that set the stage for light to dance 

for patterns to emerge

for paths to cross

and disappear;

but mostly 

a place for all things to land 

so that you and I can determine

on our own time 

in our own way

what will and will not nourish our soul.

 What do you see? 


The woo of who you are

I was outside taking photographs of crystal jewelry creations that I wanted to list in sundries  when I stumbled upon this brilliant creature who strung her web above lush hydrangeas. 

Pretty intelligent of her, don't you think? 

This is the power of nature. 

When you connect with it you begin to realize that you, too, have this brilliance ingrained in your body and mind. 

You, too, can find the perfect place to spin your web so that your existence on this planet can be rewarding on every level. Rewarding in such a way that you don't just survive, you thrive. 

What's the secret? 


Trust that when you get an inkling to spin your web three inches above of fully blossomed hydrangea plant you will attract what you desire, whatever that may be for you. 

Trust that if that web gets trashed by things like weather or beasts you can simply move on and spin a new web in an equally astonishing place. 

Trust that if the new equally astonishing place turns out to be not so astonishing you can—you guessed it—move on because everything you need to spin your web is neatly tucked inside you. 

All you need to do is show up and do your thing. 

If that thing is spinning webs, spin.

If it's creating art, create.

If it's speaking up, speak up. 

You get the point, because this knowing and understanding is tucked inside you, too. 

Listen for it.

Allow the woo of who you are to be as brilliant as it is. 

Because it is.

Because you are. 


I am planning to find joy in the woods with seven lovely sisters at Joy Glamp, September 24-27th. Are you one of them?