On hearing things and choosing magenta

Confession: sometimes, it takes me a (very) long time to make a decision. Very. This is a trait passed down from people who shall remain nameless. It is also a trait that I have passed on to people who shall remain nameless. 

Sometimes, I just want to know what all of my options are. I do understand that this can be maddening to those involved with my process, but that doesn't speed it up (at all). Other times, I know, by the feel of my gut, that I am not aligned with the options at hand so I keep looking without settling. I don't really think that's a bad thing. 

When I rely on my intuition to help me make decisions, things move along much more quickly. Sometimes, though, I still need to remember to do that. It is far too easy to fall into the headspace trap—that ittybitty place where all things are over-thought. 

Last Saturday I stopped in at Lenscrafters to pick up a small gift for a friend. I was looking around to see if they had what I needed and I immediately spotted the pair of magenta glasses pictured above. I have been looking for a new pair of glasses for about five months to no avail, but these...

I tried them on and loved them immediately. I stood in the mirror looking at myself thinking, "Could this really be this easy? Maybe I should look at other frames." I found two more pairs of red frames in two seconds and all three were perfect. 

Then I started putting them on and taking them off repeatedly. I could no longer decide, even though I really did decide before I decided to not decide. While I stood there, putting them on and taking them off I started to zone into the conversation behind me.

Two salespeople were talking to a man. They were having a discussion about the weather. I noticed that he was loud and friendly. 

I put one of the three pairs back and then walked back to the mirror. I said, in my head, which one should I pick? And right then the man said, "Is he still back there trying to decide? I hope he chooses the MAGENTA glasses. They looked so good on him. Yes, definitely the MAGENTA." 

This might sound crazy but, that was my answer. I returned the red pair to the  perch and brought the magenta glasses to a salesperson. And hour later, I wore them home, thanking my guides the whole way. 

There are a few different ways that intuition streams through me the strongest and sound is definitely one of those ways. In the land of labels, this is called clairaudience. It means clear hearing and refers to receiving messages mentally or actually through your ears. When you begin to actively develop your intuition you are really developing your presence and awareness to all the energy around you which is sometimes extra-sensory and sometimes not. So this man, randomly spewing those words, which were aligned with my question to the Universe? Perfection. 

I think we can always find the answers we need, big or small, just by tuning into life and by choosing magenta. Because sometimes when you want to see clearly, you need to listen closely. 

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If I had a penny for the number of times someone whispers to me, "This might sound crazy but..." and then follows with something that doesn't sound crazy to ME at all, well...

"This might sound crazy but last night I was all alone in the house and I smelled cigar smoke. Isn't that crazy?" As the story goes, we then rule out the Possibility of cigar smoke and then we turn our attention on the Truth of the matter. "Who did you know that loved cigars?" Then, waterworks; followed by reassurance that Truth is Possibility. 

Everything is Truth. Everything is Possibility. 

Honestly, nothing sounds crazy to me anymore. Even more honestly, I'm not sure that it ever did sound crazy in the first place.

The very first time I remember Spirit coming through to me I was in my grandmother's house. She just died. My dad was searching for something in the house. He was upstairs. He was downstairs. Opening and closing drawers and doors. I finally said, "What are you looking for?"

"Nana wants you to have her engagement ring and I can't find it anywhere." 

At that moment, Nana's voice, clear as a bell in my left ear, "It's in the china cabinet, top shelf, first tea cup on the right." No hello. No goodbye. Just the details. 

This might sound crazy but I didn't attach any crazy to that. I walked two feet to the china cabinet, opened the glass door, assumed tippy toes, reached in and scooped out her ring. 

"Is this it?" 

"How'd you know where it was?" 

"I just did." 

There didn't seem to be a need to say, "She just told me." In fact, I didn't tell him that until years later when I tried to explain how I became a medium. See, the problem is...I didn't become a medium. I was a medium. 

Just as you don't become a medium, you are a medium. We are, in fact, all mediums. We are all wired with the capacity to receive information intuitively. Some of us are willing. Some are not. 

I don't agree that said willingness is a matter of individual spiritual evolution as much as it is simply wanting to be accepted and fit in to society. 

In fact, if society en masse, wanted you to know the truth and beauty of your individual energy field and the collective field you live in then you wouldn't be prefacing your inevitable perception and interaction with your own and the collective field by diminishing your personally beautiful experiences with, "This might sound crazy but..." 

Instead, you would say: my dad came back to visit me. And I would have said, Nana just told me. 

But we are taught to keep such things quiet because they are CRAZY according to the society. 

Personally, I prefer the word: HELPFUL. But that's only because I dedicate my time to helping people understand just how NORMAL they are and how much more JOYFUL they can be when they understand, know and work with (not against) the undeniable flow of information their own and the collective energy field provides 24/7.

This might sound crazy, but it's not. 

This is the work we do in the Field Trip. We shift from this notion that we are crazy when our intuition is merely raising its voice into a space where we can understand what's happening and interpret the meaning so that we can simply live a more connected and fulfilled life. A life where presence and awareness override mindlessness and anxiety. A life where love and compassion override fear and anger. 

The key of the Field Trip is coming into alignment with who you really are, with the intuitive strength and power you really have and finding a way to work with your energy field in the life you're living right now. 

Will you experience transformational shift? Only if you don't resist it. I have witnessed people experience it and I have witnessed people resist it. Like all things in this life, you always get to choose your next move. One thing I can tell you is that when you stop resisting who you really are life realigns itself beautifully.

This might sound crazy but there's more to you. 

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Picking up a pencil; avoiding a racket


It started in kindergarten. I believe it was the very first day. 

Dressed in that double-knit polyester green jacket and white flowered shirt pictured above I was ready to transition from home to school. When I got off the bus and walked into the room, I noticed, immediately, that everything in the room was just the right size. There was the chair that held my tiny body perfectly, even my feet could rest flat on the floor. There was the story and nap time mat that I could sit on with room to spare. And there was my teacher, Mrs. Durkin, with her translucent skin, bright blue eyes and rusty-red hair. She was one-part authority and three-parts grandmother, the perfect welcome to this strange new world. I trusted her immediately. 

"Okay boys and girls, let's get started. Pick up your pencil." 

This was easy enough, until I looked at the kid to my right, the kid to my left and all the kids sitting across from me at the table. 

I was the only person holding my pencil in my left hand. So, I switched it to my right hand and, as luck would have it, Mrs. Durkin saw me do this.

"Honey, put the pencil back in your left hand." 

"But everyone's holding it in their right hand." 

"Isn't it more comfortable in your left hand?" 


"That's because you're left-handed. Now, put the pencil back in your left hand so we can begin." 

And so I began: feeling different. 


Imagine my delight when my tennis instructor told everyone in our group lesson to pick up the racket with our right hand and hold it just so.

I followed his instruction to the T, but I couldn't do a thing with the racket. I couldn't bounce the ball. I couldn't hit the ball. I might as well have held the racket in my mouth. 

When my mom arrived to take me home the the instructor told her that I desperately needed an eye exam. A conversation ensued. He asked me to pick up the racket and show my mom just how much I sucked. But before the instructor could lob the first ball my mom explained, "She's not blind, she's left-handed." And off we went.  


That second story has always been a bit of a sore spot for me because it usually garners a fair load of laughs and comments. My husband, having just heard it for the first time a few years ago, was laughing so hard he was crying when he squeezed out the question, "At any point did you consider switching hands on your own?" 

It's taken me thirty-some odd years to realize: at every point in time I've considered switching hands so I could blend in because the only thing special about writing with your right hand is that no one notices when you do it. In truth, I never considered doing what made me feel most comfortable. I just decided, at the tender age of six, that I could be/would be/wanted to be more comfortable being uncomfortable if it meant I could be just like everyone else. 

This is part of being human, no doubt. We're all so incredibly, beautifully different and all we ever want is to be the same. If we could just be comfortable in our own skin we could rock the world with our magic from the get-go. 

I understand that being left-handed is not a big deal, despite the fact that people STILL comment when they see me pick up a pencil. 

"I didn't know you were left-handed!" 

Except that now it's usually followed by,  "I am, too!"

And the reason for that?

Lefties happen to be a little more in touch with their intuition, and I'm finally a little more in touch with my tribe. it's just the way our brains are wired. I have a feeling Mrs. Durkin knew that when she quietly redirected my little self North. And, it's just a guess, but I think she would have taken a racket to that tennis instructor's head. But in all fairness, and possibly to his credit, I still suck at tennis. 

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