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Why humans don't swim in shark tanks...


...because sharks bite.

That is not a shark in the picture it's the wing of an airplane. 

I noticed it thirty thousand feet above sea level—sharks steal your energy. Their mass combined with power ignites a spark of fear that takes your breath away. 

At least that's what I imagine.

I have never met a real shark-shark, nor do I ever hope to. But I have tangoed with a land shark more than once. Same result. 

Some humans have the ability to transmute shark-like energy. It's never pleasant, always shocking and energetically draining.

Although you'd probably never willingly dive into a shark tank (unless you're at an amusement park where that is an option) you can still find yourself in a shark tank, next to a shark, without a steel cage. 

Know this: you can erect a steel cage in your mind and it will work just as well as the real thing when on land (seriously, I don't want anyone trying to do this underwater in the ocean...might work, but who really knows). 

It's super-simple. Ready? 

When a land shark approaches: 

  1. Take a slow, controlled, deep breath in. Imagine, if you will that you are breathing in molten steel, drinking it in as if you are some sort of transformation ninja. Oh, by the way, you are. 
  2. Slowly exhale that breath out and imagine every particle of air you are releasing is forming a steel cage three feet around you. Can you see that? You are standing in the center of your very own, rock-solid, MAGNIFICENT, steel cage. 
  3. As you stand in the center of your steel cage: observe. 
    1. What is this land shark saying/doing? 
    2. Is this really about me?
    3. What can I say/do to remove myself from this situation. 
    4. Gosh, don't they look ridiculous right now? 
    5. I am in control.
  4. When you are ready to react: react with love. Sometimes that means saying, "I hear you and I need time to process what you're saying." Sometimes that means saying, "I don't agree with you at all." Other times it means pointing out, "You are not being very nice to me at all and so I am leaving."  

When you are able to detach from a land shark's hook, you protect yourself and disable this sad, uncomfortable, draining human from stealing your power and rendering you shark chum. Of course, if you're interesting in being chum have at it, but if you're interested in finding someone to be chummy with swim on fully knowing that unless you willingly jump in a shark tank: you've got this life under control. 

It's fairly joyous being in charge of your own energy. Join me at Joy Glamp for a weekend full of workshops that will help you rise and shine.