How to wake up each day


True or false? Every morning your alarm clock startles you out of a nice, sound sleep. 


You turn it off, roll over, and (I'm guessing) roll out of bed. 

AND YOU'RE OFF, literally. 

Try this.

Turn your alarm off, roll over onto your back and place your hands by your sides, palms up. 

Take a deep breath in and let it easily escape back out. 

One more time. Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Extend an invitation to Source: please send a good surprise my way today. 

Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Now, roll out of bed and start your day. 

When that good surprise comes, because it will, jot it down somewhere or take a picture just so you can begin building a library of goodness that comes when you ask for it. 

Live. Sleep. Repeat.