Saying hello to Creativity

There was a point in the Spring when I decided to stop creating things (as if that would help me). As if placing my hands over the flow of creativity was the way to feel better or simply happier.

I quickly felt even more depleted. Not to sound too dramatic, but certainly: dead inside. 

It took me about a month to remember this was my choice, my desire, to not go with the flow. And I decided at that moment (and, I'll admit, again for the millionth-exhausting-time) to change course. Instead of saying NO, I would simply say YES. I would do whatever Creativity asked me to do: write, photograph, cook, create, construct, play, explore.

No questions asked. No explanations needed. 

I would just DO. 

This devotion to Her required a little unplugging and pulling back. It also required a lot of trust. It is a holy choice to team up with Her. To not worry about what everything looks like on the outside and instead just focus on how it feels on the inside. 

I was having lunch with my son, talking about a place where Creativity led me (baking artisan bread, no less) and he said, "Your brand is all over the place. How can people understand what you do?" 

And without thinking I replied, "Everything I do is nourishing on some level. For me. For us. For others." And that's as good a definition of Creativity that I can muster up. Creativity is nourishing at the soul level. 

Whenever I have a conversation about Creativity there is always someone who adamantly claims to not know Her at all. They usually throw their hands up in the air as they say, "I'm not creative in the least." Often, they appear either proud or embarrassed. 

It's silly to deny Creativity. 

She lives in the both sides of the brain. So whether you identify as right brain or left brain, She's there. Sometimes she works with Logic. Sometimes she works with Art. Sometimes she works with Both. 

She's not one to hide, although (for some) She is difficult to recognize. I think that's because society labels Her as Artsy, but (like all labels) that's wrong. Creativity is just as present in the single mother who figures out how to feed a family as She is in the artist who paints Angel Fish. She guides the CEO to build a profitable company as much as She guides the photographer to capture the perfect shot. 

How? She is Life Force, by another name. That's all. 

Our language has and continues to limit and separate us in ways we don't even realize. I wonder what would happen, could happen, if everyone just accepted their relationship with Creativity was what it is: purely individual, purely sacred, purely Divine. 

Where would that lead you? What would you do?