You have the power to shape you

"We can not afford to be tired, frustrated or cynical."
-Michelle Obama

We can't afford that ever, really. The minute we lean in that direction we lay down our power and allow ourselves to be carried by whatever force is the "biggest."

Biggest, as you know, is not always best.

I think the number one thing that makes me so incredibly tired, frustrated and cynical about this particular election is that for the first time in my life I see that we are no longer discussing what matters. We are simply taking sides. We are refusing to speak with intelligence and wisdom and we are refusing to listen with an open heart and mind. We are allowing other people to draw lines in the sand, shape our views, form our opinions. 

My husband and I were at a party a few months ago. One of the guests, a female, started talking about Trump. We were silent. We listened. She said, "I'm so happy that someone is finally saying what everyone else is thinking." We talked over each other, replying that Trump was not speaking for us. 

She insisted, he was. 

We insisted, he wasn't. 

She raised her arm up and in a let-me-serve-you fashion and told us to talk to any man in the room and we would learn (LEARN) that it was true. Which clearly revealed how she draws her conclusions—based on the men in the room

The men in the room don't matter. It's the hearts in the room that count. 

Open or closed? 

High vibe or low? 

I don't care who you support. I really don't. I despise politics, but I do understand that it's better to have a choice and be able to consciously make it then not have a choice at all. You do have the power to shape you. 

And so, this speech matters. It matters because life matters. Love matters. Hope matters. Truth matters. You matter. Your energy and with whom you decisively align your energy matters greatly.  

Michelle Obama talks about the way we take things for granted in this country, because of all the hard work and progress that paved the way for us to do so. I'm just hoping that for all the things you take for granted today forming your opinion on your own is not one of them. 

Open heart. High vibe.