You deserve to be here

I retreated to a barn in the Catskills March 30-April 3 with members of the first and second Field Trip. Spirit invited me to wake up at 4 am one morning by whispering, "You deserve to be here." It took me an hour to agree to get out of bed and fully receive the message coming through (I am stubborn sometimes). When I did agree, all I could find was an orange Crayola crayon-pen to transcribe the message. Do you know how hard it is to transcribe a download with a crayon? When I finally stopped resisting the flow I was interrupted by one of the sisters on retreat—the same one who set me on my path back to myself when she urged me to start writing again six years ago (to the day, I might add). When she appeared I found a pen on the table and was able to fully receive this message. At first I thought it was just for me, but then I realized it was for everyone at the retreat. It wasn't until I returned home that I realized it is really for everyone who is willing to receive it. So if you made it this far without clicking away, this is for you too. 

This is the way it was and the way it always will be.

You are the instrument of the change you seek.

You are the string of hope you long for. 

You are the ocean as much as you are the star that shines upon it.

You are the grass as much as you are the ground that holds each blade in place. 

It is not your job to wonder why your elements have arranged themselves just so in this one precious lifetime. It is your job to embody them.

Own your desires—they are the pathway to your potential.

And so you need to know, dear one: 

You deserve to be here.

You deserve to take the time to nourish all that needs to be nourished. The ocean would be nothing without a river. The river would be nothing without a spring. A spring would be nothing without the earth, cradling it in its place, giving it the space to gently pull and rise. Nothing can exist without the support of a seemingly different element. 

You deserve to love here.

In this fraction of time that you've chosen to thrive. Let those words flow your veins. 

This is not, what you call, serendipity. Nothing is. There is no surprise to us. No chance meetings. No lucky breaks. There is only orchestration responding to your deepest longings. In the same way that the water rises up at the spring, your soul calls through your longings in the space of your physical body. At that point, the elements constructed and designed to support the physicality of life (and stop your mind here, you're judging the flow of this gift) call up and forth the longing of experience—this one and precious experience—that you continue to second guess. 

Spend your time beyond the confines of your mind (it is so confining) and drop into the boundless space of your heart and in there don't resist the longing or the ways that is is satiated beyond your comprehension. 

You deserve to question, to think, to expand and to embrace. 

But know that your knowledge and the knowledge you seek is a reunion of the whole of your soul's existence. It is not gained, only remembered, from the inception of your energetic being. All of your capabilities in their totality begin with the atomic formation of your energetic field.

It is through each human experience that you simply remember what you are capable of—the likes of which you can never, in any human experience, aptly comprehend. 

There is so much beyond you and the only way to it is through pure, loving, release. 

You deserve to release and to know that is what you are here to do. 

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