Yes, Now



No, don't touch that. 

No, don't go there. 

No, come back here. 

No, STOP. 

Stop asking, No. 

No, not now. 

No, that's too much. 

No, that's not enough. 


Yes, you can have that.

Yes, you can go there.

Yes, that's the right direction.

Yes, now is perfect.

Yes, you are perfect.

Yes, you are enough.

It's no wonder

that when you spend your formative years

walking between No and Yes

it becomes increasingly,

if not impossibly difficult,

to make personally liberating decisions

that reside beyond the lines that someone else painted on your path.

You have two options:

you can stay the course

or you can create your own.

Worth noting; both options are completely viable

it's just that one requires permission from others 

and the other requires permission from yourself.

Yes, now is perfect.

You know where you'll find me, right? Pave your own way with me on the Field Trip. We start May 6. There are only four spots left. Yes, now is the time to decide.