The day that Time quit


I was talking to Time last night and she told me that she's pretty tired of the nonsense. 

She's tired of carrying everyone's baggage...something about the way she gets blamed her for being too much and too little in the same breath. 

She said (and I quote), "I'm tired of never being enough. Every waking second, someone wants more than I can give them. I don't understand why no one understands my limits. I'm not God." 

And that's when I stopped her. 

You know how I feel about that right? Time is, as you are, as I am, God. We are all a slice of this omnipresent goodness known as the Great Spirit. 

Even, Time. 

So I told her, just as I'd tell anyone who feels like they are never up to par: just stop.  

Stop being the Time that everyone demands and start being the Time that you want to be. 

Stop giving everything away. 

Start focusing on what you need.

Stop trying to please the world. 

Start ticking things off your own list. 

Stop blaming everyone else. 

Start turning yourself around. 

Stop wasting your hours complaining about what you don't have. 

Start loving every juicy second that you do have. 

And do you know what she did? 

She started living in the now. 

Imagine that. 

If you'd like to meet Time where she's at, join the Field Trip. This is last call. There's only one seat left and you can't blame Time for getting in the way. She just quit.