Psst: the password is YES

When I first started to develop my intuition, I was afraid to talk about it. I can see now that I couldn't find the right language for the rest of the world to wrap its head around, and I was still under the impression that THAT mattered, that I really should care whether or not other people could be comfortable with who I am. I'm so happy to have finished my jaunt on that path. 

What I find now is that when I do talk about intuition and energy, being a medium, offering healing sessions and blah, blah, blah...many people lean in very quickly. Within just a few minutes they whisper their stories about the way Spirit is present in their lives. They ask questions. They want to KNOW more. 

What they want is to know how to feel more Spirit in their own lives. They want to know how to connect. They want to be themselves. They want to feel the happiness that they know is on the other side of presence and awareness and peace. 

And so I tell them, as I'm telling you, the password is yes. 

You need to say yes, then it really does just come to you. 

Yes, I want to be myself. 

Yes, I want to open my heart. 

Yes, I want to deepen my connection. 

Yes, I want to heal what hurts. 

Yes, I want more. 

Yes, I demand more. 

Yes, I worthy of more.

Yes, I am worthy of love. 

Yes, I am worthy of my love.  

Yes, I give myself permission to hold this love. 

Yes, I give myself permission to see this love.

Yes, I give myself permission to know this love.

Yes, I give myself permission to be this love. 


Are you ready to say yes? I'm waiting for you. The Field Trip begins May 6, 2015. There are such a lovely group of people climbing aboard, one by one. Join now