Loving yourself is inconvenient, until it's not

The reason why you're able to say so many nice, encouraging, uplifting things to your best friend is because you know in your deepest, purest heart of hearts what sort of person she is on the inside. That person? She's worthy of your love, attention and affection. Even on her worst days, right? No question about it. 

This is the nature of how you are attracted to people. You look for the person who will make it convenient for you to love yourself through association.

You are sometimes attracted to your shadow, too, but that's a story for another day. 

And your friend? When she looks in the mirror she only sees the reflection of herself in all of its storied shame. She sees a lifetime sludge reflected back, even though it's invisible to your naked eye. It's invisible because that sludge is beyond your field of experience. Likewise, she can't see what you see about her, that's beyond her field, as well. 

Only when she looks at you does she understand, at some level all her own, what you see in her. In you she finds her own goodness, reflected back, in real time.

This is why you can say the things she needs to hear and and she can drink the words you need to drink and both of you can walk away from every encounter with each other with your souls refreshed, hearts open, heads in check.  

Until, of course, you spy your reflection in a plate glass window and those stupid stories re-rise to the surface again and muddy your view. 

Maybe it's just time to wipe your own mirror clean and see exactly what your best friend sees in you. Loving yourself doesn't have to be so inconvenient. It can be, scratch that, it should be, scratch that, it is as convenient as loving your best friend. 

Just a thought, sweet heart. 

It's impossible to develop your intuition and not end up loving yourself really, freaking hard. The Field Trip begins on Friday. It is full, but we'll make room if you are ready to lean in. Registration closes until next year on Sunday, May 8th. Lean forward. You won't regret it.