Let's feel better, shall we?


I've been feeling at a total loss amidst the swirl of toxic energy in the air here in the US.

Yesterday I shared a post on The Book Of Faces that my friend, Ben, shared because it made me laugh. It was about D (I can't even type his name). But every time I logged onto facebook and saw that on my wall my body tensed up. My shoulders shrunk in, an involuntary reflex to protect my heart. When I finally realized that I was having that reaction, I removed the post.

And guess what? I immediately felt better. Immediately. My whole body softened. This is the power of energy. Positive energy makes you feel good. Negative energy makes you feel bad. It is that simple.

I know, if only the world were that simple, but it's not because there are a lot of people in THE WORLD.

Your world, though? Now that's another story.

Here's the thing: I don't give a flying fuck who you're voting for. I really don't.

I DO give a flying fuck that you may or may not feel in alignment with your very own world (commonly referred to as your self), with your deeply rooted beliefs, your source of love, your spring of joy. I'm concerned that your body might feel out of whack by all of the negative energy swirling around you, regardless of who you are supporting.

I believe that, collectively, the only common ground we're standing on right now is that we are all stressed, we are all enraged, we are all feeling some form of pain because that's what this election is really all about—it's about facing what we don't want to face, feeling what we don't want to feel and changing all of the things that are not currently working for humanity. That's a tall order.

Where to begin.

You must begin with your own humanity, with you. You must look deep within and embrace the full truth of who you are in the present moment. Right now. 

So I'm thinking—how can you do this? How can you come back into your own sense of alignment and rootedness? 

How can you make sure that you are operating from a place that feels whole and right FOR you—not for the country, not for your town, not your street, apartment building, office or home. NOT even for your family, believe it or not. BUT FOR YOU.

WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU. When you are seated in the center of your heart, what feels right for you? When you are outside, breathing fresh air, looking up at the sky, what feels right for you? When you look in the mirror and see behind your eyes, what feels right for you?

I am going to take a guess: love feels right for you.

When I am plugged into love, everything feels right for me. When I am plugged into hate I ache—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I ache. Luckily, there is an easy fix. And that fix is to love more.

Now, you might be thinking, "That's not really easy. I feel bombarded by the dialogue. I don't know how to disconnect from this."

And you're right. That is difficult. But I think I have something for you to try. It's easy. It will only take a second. You can do it in your head or heart or both, or you can actually do it out loud. I think it can change not just your world, but alsoTHE WORLD.

Here it is: every time you see a hateful message about anything, said by anyone, tell someone how much you love them (that someone can also be you). Every time. Oh, you're going to be busy, no doubt. More importantly, you're going to feel better immediately. And that feeling better thingy? Well, that's contagious, too. 

Try this for one day. Please report back here in the comments or on social media using the hashtag #loveyou.