Let's chat for a minute...

I'm just going to assume that you're beginning to feel a strong tug/pull/desire to release everything that's currently not really working for you. This includes, but is not limited to, people, places and things.

I'm going to assume that discomfort is building and that maybe you can physically pinpoint it (in your foot or your back or your knee) or that maybe you can't (maybe you just feel slightly crazy right now even though we both know you are not).

Maybe there is a swarm of energy moving around your space, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.

If that's the case I invite you to grab a pencil and a piece of paper (do it, seeing is believing) and write down the top three things (or five or ten or twenty) that are simply not working for you at the moment.

When you're done with that list, I want you to write another list of the three (or five, ten or twenty) things that sound so much freaking better.

Now go back to that first list and tell me: why are you hanging on to the things on that list? What will it take to let them go?

This is a matter of choosing to continue doing what doesn't work or to lean into the possibility of what sounds infinitely better, although possibly unknown.

And let me tell you something: if you can look at a list of things that you KNOW are not bringing you joy then you're 99.9% closer to finding joy if you just let that stuff go.

Just. Stop.

Stop because I love you. Stop because YOU LOVE YOU. 

Your time and energy is far too precious to be wasted on anything that doesn't light you up. Far. Too. Precious.