How to develop courage in six minutes and thirteen seconds

I don't know what to say about the seven senseless murders over the last few days, so I will say this: each and every heart-wrenching loss boils down to the fear-based decision made by one person, holding a gun, pulling a trigger. 

We are not going to solve any of this by operating from a place of fear. We are only going to solve it by operating from a place of love. 

We are not going to arrive at a place of love without the courage to go there. 

Going there means speaking up and out in your home, your social circles, your work place...any place where the seeds of racism continue to be planted.

If you've ever listened to someone to make a racist remark, felt your heart rise up into your throat and then simply waited for the conversation to shift, then you know just how difficult it is to find the courage to speak up and out. I am guilty of this. 

Maya Angelou shares her own story in the video above and offers a way for all of us to develop the courage we need to start making a difference where it matters most, in the hearts and minds of people who think that the color of someone's skin can possibly determine the value of their existence. 

We are not going to address this chaos collectively until we address it individually, until we strengthen our courage and commit to the task at hand: being better humans. 

Watch the video. Make the commitment. Connect with love.