Head North

When I started writing little love notes to myself back in 2010 I didn't really understand how it would change my life. 

I didn't realize the power of my words. I didn't know that writing one sentence could reel in more joy. After all, it takes so little effort to pen one positive thought a day. Shouldn't the road to joy be a little more work? Isn't happiness on the other side of a very high mountain? And how, in God's name, can writing one little positive sentence help you hang on to bliss indefinitely?

My experience with this process has very slowly, but surely, rewired my brain. I'm not saying that I'm floating on a cloud 24/7 (I'm not) or that I don't experience things I'd rather not experience (I do). What I am saying though is that this process of writing a love note has helped me tap into my own power, it reminds me (daily) that I am in charge of orchestrating my own happiness and it helps me stay connected to the Universe in a way that is just lovely (and often surprising). In essence, it keeps my head aligned with my very own North. 

I want you to experience this for yourself in 2017 so I created a little love note package for you to give it a go. There are 12 tiny notes a feather pen and a set of really easy instructions that will take you all of five minutes (or less) to follow. I think you'll be surprised by the way your seemingly random words carry you through the new year. In fact, I promise you will. 

Wishing you a sweet and peaceful holiday and a blessed new year.