Your potential is pre-programmed


I picked this acorn up in the driveway just yesterday. 

I held it between my left thumb and index finger, brought it up close to my eyes, gently rolled it back and forth, looking, examining...

Do you know what the difference is between the potential of this acorn and your very own?


The acorn is pre-programmed to open and expand wherever it lands. It doesn't know NOT to. 

You are pre-programmed to open and expand wherever you land, too. It's only that brain of yours that warns: NOT here, NOT now, NOT that direction, NOT this direction, NOT, NOT, NOT. 

You might say, "But the acorn won't grow because it landed in your driveway so that's...faulty programming." But it's not. Because after I took this photo I planted the acorn in the earth. 

You see, the Universe wouldn't go through the trouble of pre-programming growth without also pre-programming the necessary conditions for that growth to occur. 

Living life to its full potential isn't the result of a gazillion disconnected lucky breaks. It's the result of a gazillion connected loving breaks. We're all here to help each other grow, which means that if you get your brain out of the way long enough to open and expand it will happen. 

You just need to trust the process.