What Donald Trump Is Really Asking Us To Do

For the purpose of this post, us = humans, period. No genders. No labels. No affiliations. Humans, divinely-assembled humans. 

Donald Trump is asking us to wake up.

He's showing us, through the personification of all things righteous and hateful, what we look like when we live in search of power, instead of recognizing that our true power lies within. 

He's showing us what happens when we disconnect from love. When we fail to recognize that we are, in fact, divine and therefore divinely strong and resourceful. 

He's showing us what happens when we place all of our energy on material development instead of personal growth and satisfaction. 

He's showing us what happens when we seek to impress others, instead of impressing ourselves. 

He's showing us how sharp and incredibly gruesome and divisive our language can be, how sentence after sentence  can erect walls between us and all that we seek—connection and peace. 

He's showing us what happens when our shadow dims our light. 

He's showing us what happens when we give a terrorist a microphone. 

Most importantly, he's showing us this: we always have the choice to follow or lead; we always have the power to choose between right and flat-out wrong. 

If we learned one thing from 9/11 we learned that love trumps fear.

We learned that when called to action we can, in fact, take down the fear that is trying to obliterate love. And we learned that is our responsibility to step up and do that when we are called by a higher power to protect the precious divinity within us. 

Donald Trump is nothing more than fear, standing before you asking you to choose what's right from a place deep in your heart. He's asking you to choose between love or hate. Truth or propaganda. Peace or terror. 

It's not your choice as a gender or a party or an affiliation to a group. Not one of those labels matter when you consider the wholeness of your being. It's your choice as the divine god within you.

It doesn't matter that Donald Trump is completely oblivious and disconnected from his own connection to his own divinity, what matters is that he doesn't separate you from yours.