Tuck love

A few months ago, right after Duncan died, I contacted two Tibetan Terrier (TT) breeders. We knew we wanted to welcome another TT into our home, eventually. I was hoping that would happen during the summer because the thought of running outside with a puppy constantly during the cold, dark winter didn't really appeal to me that much. 

I just wanted to know if and when there would be litters available when we were ready. We all agreed we weren't ready just yet.  

Of course both breeders  I randomly contacted had puppies available. Of course they sent photos in the initial email reply. Of course I fell in love immediately. I was actually embarrassed to fall in love so soon. As if there is a falling-in-love-after-you've-lost-love law. 

I told no one. It took me days to show the photos to the rest of the family. I finally told both breeders it was too soon. After all, we agreed it was. 

But I couldn't stop thinking about one of the puppies. Just one. 

I asked for signs (and received a slew) but held strong to my imaginary love-again timeline. 

Two weeks in, my friend Christi called me and said, "I'm not sure how you're going to take this but I'm just going to put it out there. There's a TT breeder in NJ with pups available." It was the same breeder of the pup I couldn't stop thinking about. What are the chances of that? 

So that day, when she called, I decided it was time. I talked with my boys about it when they came home from school. Jake and I jumped in the car to run to an appointment. We stopped at a stoplight and I noticed this car in front of us: 

"Jake, do you think that says barks?"

He laughed the you're-crazy-mom laugh and said, "Yes."

Then I said, "You know if I could see a license plate that was really freaking clear and said something like DOG, I'd know this was right." 

Roughly thirty minutes later: 


I take photos because I can't make this stuff AND there's always a day when I need to be reminded how easy it is to find support from the Universe regarding anything and everything. 

Needless to say, we welcomed Tuck into our home several weeks later. He is a bundle of love, among other things like work. Because: PUPPY. 

He's also proof positive that you never need to wait to welcome love back in your world. Not ever.



Signs like these are something that we'll be looking for in #joyquest. Get in on that action today.