The tipping point


There's a point in every relationship where the decision to proceed is made.

Good, strong, solid relationships have a way of camouflaging this decision because proceeding is pleasant and easy. In these relationships onward is the only way. 

Weak relationships are not afforded the luxury of such no-brainers. Alarms go off. Thinking, pondering, obsessing and weighing options against non-options ensues. 

Do you know why that is? It's because neither party wants to let go of what needs to be let go which just so happens to be the other person(s). There's a dream or a wish or a belief tied to that relationship that isn't real or attainable or, quite frankly, worth it.

There's also a fear resting in the perceived void. A fear so big it's almost impossible to imagine the happiness, relief and sheer joy that can occupy the space where all that unpleasant fuckery resides.

Why do that? Why hang onto something that's not good instead of creating the space for (if nothing else) peace?

You can't have something bad without the promise of something better. It's impossible. 

So let go and make way.