Promise #559

How many times have you asked someone to do something for you more than once? I always feel a little uneasy if I my request goes unanswered, and unless I'm certain that there is a gap in the communication I rarely ask again.  

When I ask and the request is not even acknowledged that's a very clear answer, even though it's really quite muddy. It's not my mud, it's the other person's because they lack the ability to simply say no. 

For years I never treated my prayers the same way. Depending upon the request I would start out asking nicely and then, when the prayer was not answered, I would resort to begging, followed by pleading, ending with surrender in the form of: JUSTFORGETIT. And then like magic, wala, wish granted.

Over the past few years as I've dug deep into understanding how this Universe of ours works I've discovered that the key to requesting help from the spirit world is to only ask one time. 

That's right, just once. 

As your thoughts materialize into things, in this case an answer to a prayer, the minute you release the thought it begins to become the thing. I like to imagine a boomerang releasing from the brain, sailing out into the stars, hooking the request and then effortlessly returning.

If you ask more than once you throw another boomerang out on the very same path which means when the first boomerang tries to return with what you requested it crashes into the second boomerang. Ask again and the second boomerang will crash into the third. And so on and so on. Until you stop asking and the last blessed boomerang can finally make it back unscathed.  

The only thing between the first and fifty-first boomerang is your trust and faith that your request was heard. 

It is always heard. 

Sometimes you ask for something totally aligned with your highest good, sometimes you don't. How can you ever really know what's good for you anyway? You can't. But you can trust that whatever does come back (or doesn't) was for the best. 

So feel free to ask the Universe for the help you need, but remember to treat it like a friend. Less badgering. More belief. 

I'll be spending time working with a small circle of sisters at Joy Glamp teaching them how to clear and balance their energy so they can welcome joy. Will you be there?