Promise #554

Your nature looks nothing like mine. 

My nature looks nothing like yours. 

Our wiring? Similar, but distinctly different for one very good reason: we're here to achieve completely different goals. Our highs and lows? Night and day. I'll go so far to say that our similarity begins and ends with the fact that we're human. 

What we do with this humanity? That's the beauty of why we're breathing in the first place. 

So if someone tries to tell you that they have the solution you need to do more, be more, see more or achieve more...take the time to determine whether or not it's in your nature to follow their lead. Chance are, it's not. It's what worked for them. It was part of their plan. This is not to say that it can't work for you, it's just to say: take the time to step back and see the bird's eye view of your own road. 

When you nurture your own nature your path becomes crystal clear. 

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