On finding real harmony in a virtual world

In early May I gathered with a number of Field Trip participants at a place called Harmony Hill in the Catskills. 

I really didn't know what to expect. I knew that it was time to gather as a group (we worked together for a year). I hoped the place would be special (one of the members of the group found it online one Saturday afternoon when we were all on Facebook talking about how nice it would be to meet in person). I prayed that it wouldn't be a disaster, my inner critic likes to warn me of such things. 


It was life-changing. 

I didn't anticipate feeling so full and at ease in everyone's company, and yet I should have because this feeling of joy was the same feeling I had after teaching at the Spark Retreat a year prior. Even though it sounds trite-I truly can't find the words to describe the result of being in the company of people with whom you share so much in common. 

I was reminded, in May, that although the benefits of this virtual world are so great, removing the screen that separates us all is where the joy resides. 

I was also reminded that removing the screen is scary. We gathered at a campfire every night and it was there that several members confided in me that they almost didn't come, each was ready to cancel at the last minute with a long list of excuses as to why they didn't need to be there. I understood this completely. In fact, as I drove toward the retreat a day before everyone else arrived, I, too, wondered what the hell I was doing. 

It's easier to retreat into ourselves than it is to retreat outside of ourselves and expand our circle of happiness. There's a fair bit of risk involved. Or is there? I learned in May that it's riskier to live in our little shell than it is to connect with others.

On the drive home from the May retreat, I started plotted, planning, thinking and dreaming about returning. 

And so it is.

The Joy Glamp Retreat is happening. September 24th-September 27th. Four days of gathering together at this campy place where nature nurtures. There will be plenty of time to get lost in the woods, as well as to find joy through workshops that offer solid energy practices for every day living.  

This is where I want to meet you. 

This is where I want you to meet me. 

There is magic in these woods, but we will only find it together.