Living in the center of your comfort zone.

What if things aren't as they appear? 

What if your yellow is red? What if your red is really orange? What if your orange is blue? What if your blue is green? 

What if everything you know to be true is blatantly false? 

What if everything that mattered...didn't? What if everything that didn't matter...truly did? 

What then?

What if the right words were wrong and the wrong words were right? 

What if success wasn't measured by popularity or fat bank accounts but by sheer joy and happiness? 

What then? 

What would you believe to be true for you? Would you trust yourself more or less? Would you aim outside of your comfort zone or deep, deep within it? 

What if the point wasn't to measure growth by discomfort AT ALL? What if the point was to simply be insanely, ridiculously, unquestionably comfortable with all the choices you do and do not make over the course of your precious life?

What would matter most then? 

Only one thing.