Ground rules for living

Root yourself in good soil (and if you can't find good soil actively look for it).  

Give yourself space to grow. Don't plant yourself next to a tree that is going to block your sun. If another tree moves into your space and blocks your sun, just move (free will, remember?).  And don't block someone else's sun, because: karma. There's plenty of room for everyone to grow and thrive. 

Aim for the sky, it's the only way to grow up. Stay focused on what matters: getting enough sun, drinking enough water and using both to create enough nourishment for you so that you can be a breath of fresh air in this world. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Branch out, it's the only way to stay healthy and balanced. 

Stay flexible. You were born to bend without breaking.  

Let go. You can't get stronger without shedding some leaves along the way. So don't try to hang onto anything that is ready to be released. Let your leaves fall to the ground and nourish the soil, there's always something to be gained when you willingly let go of what no longer works. 

Begin again. And again. And again. Every second, every day, every season there's an opportunity for you to live larger than before.