Duuuuude, what's the point?

It doesn't matter what the question refers to; it doesn't matter how many times you ask; it doesn't matter whether you ask once when you are 16 and then again when you are 77 or 60 times when you are 15 and then never ever again after 50; it doesn't matter if you are sitting on top of the world or you are pinned underneath it...when you ask WHAT'S THE POINT the answer is always, unquestionably, unmistakably: YOU. 

You are always the point.  

Apologies to your ego, but it's true. 

You are always the point of all things happening within your reality. 

Let me just repeat: the point is always you.  

OH, crap, right? 

Good news? Bad news? 

No, just (possibly) the news you need to stay on point.